Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home Invaders Stopped By Homeowner's Shotgun Blast

A St. Rose, Louisiana homeowner was confronted by two men trying to invade his home. Michael Cockerham was shot to death by the homeowner's shotgun after he kicked down the door to the house. Cockerham was armed with a handgun.
Cockerham pointed the gun's laser sight through the entrance. It was handgun versus homeowner's shotgun when the resident fired a shotgun and killed the thug. He was found in a neighbor's yard.
A second home invader, Aaron Vinnett, was arrested and charged with second degree murder committed during a crime and aggravated burglary. He was also hit by pellets from the shot and had a small chest wound.
No charges will be filed against the homeowner......... Meanwhile, in Las Cruces, New Mexico.......

Aaron Vinnett

Three men tried to break into an apartment In Las Cruces, N.M. The apartment's resident was awakened, grabbed his handgun, and fired. Steve Martinez was shot dead in the resident's bedroom during the break in.
The remaining two thugs ran to a car and drove off, Las Cruces police stopped the car for an expired car license violation and saw then men covered in blood.  One was arrested for drunk driving and the other had an outstanding warrant pending further investigation.
The two men asked Martinez for a ride to collect some money. But it was Martinez who was the lead man in the break in. His accomplices tried to drag him away from the apartment, but left him when they fled.
The two survivors were charged with aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon and conspiracy. Neither has posted $50,000 cash bond.

Fact of the day: In Seattle, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon longer than 6 feet.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Home Invader Shot... With his Own Gun?

As frequently happens, a home invasion In Columbus was Likely shot by his own gun. 
Two hapless home invaders went to the door of a would be "victim," and asked for money. The resident shot one of the men with his own gun after the criminal took the man to a back room to rob him.  
The thug was hospitalized, and his partner in crime ran away. Poliice are looking for him. It is unclear if the crook was shot by his own gun or by the resident's. The home was occupied by three adults and a youngster. 
Meanwhile in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 
The owner of a bar shot a patron who pulled a knife and refused to leave the bar. The man, Marcus Boston, was sent to the hospital for gunshot wound treatment. He told police that he did not want to prosecute the bar owner. Police are still investigating. No charges likely against the bar owner. 
In Anderson, Indiana, A man was shot in the head during an attempted armed robbery of a Pizza Hut. He gave police a full confession of thecrime. He had pointed a gun at the head of a clerk and the clerk gave him over $700.00. 
But, the pizza deliveryman pulled his handgun and sht the thug in the back of the head. No charges will be filed against the deliveryman. 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Firearm Self Defense In "Gun Free" Chicago- One Thug Shoots Own Finger Off

Mug Shots in the News

                                                               Alleged Chicago Gunman

A Chicago man disarmed his robbers, escaped from the car he was forced into, and one of the assailants was shot with the robber’s own gun.  How could something like this happen in Mayor Daley’s “gun free” Chicago.

He was walking to the store when a car full of young thugs pulled their car over.  One pointed a gun at him and ordered him to get in. They took his wallet, pin number, and ATM card. The young thugs stopped to let some people out at a local business.

Two of the would be robbers tried to move the gun from the back to the front.

The would be "victim" heard a gun go off, and a female screamed that she had shot her finger off. The scared driver lost control and hit a dumpster.

The would be victim grabbed the gun, and fired what he called a “warning shot” at the thugs. The round accidentally hit the woman who had shot her finger off and killed her.

The robbery “victim” flagged down a passing police cruiser and was handcuffed and taken back to the station because he was still holding the gun.

No charges will be filed against the "victim."

Friday, December 25, 2009

Kansas City And San Antonio "Bad Guys" Shot by Would be Victims

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 A confrontation in Kansas City, Mo, ended badly for Reginald Waxter, who approached  another person, pulled out a gun, and shot the victim in the leg. The intended victim pulled out his own gun and returned fire. Police believe robbery might have been the motive; however, the two men knew each other, and there could have been personal conflicts. 

Mr. Waxter died at a hospital several hours later. 


In San Antonio,Texas, Police are investigating a fatal shooting of a burglar as a robbery went wrong. A teenager was at the wrong end of his intended victim's barrel. 
The three men who are alleged to have taken part in the robbery attempt were said to have gang connections. The 17 year old who was shot and killed was on probation for a home invasion burglary. The 19 year old, who was also shot, had surgery at a local hospital.
The burglars tried to break into the home, and the homeowner grabbed his gun, and shot at the would be home invaders as they were attempting to get into the house through the sliding glass door.

The getaway river was captured later. 

The homeowner fired multiple shots at the would be home invaders. His home had been burglarized several years ago.

Police believed that he did what was necessary to protect himself from the home invaders. The family of the man who died believed that the shooting wa unnecessary, and that he was shot like a dog. 

A grand jury will take a look at the case, but authorities believe that no charges will be filed against the homeowner. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Self Defense Shootings Stop Home Invasions In Minnesota and Tennessee

      A Moorehead, Minnesota man will not be charged for the shooting of a teenaged intruder. Police say that Vernon Allen won't face charges. A lengthy investigation showed that he acted in self defense. This was determined after an agonizingly long six month investigation that the man endured.  

       Investigators found a spent shotgun shell in the same place in a bathroom where Mr. Allen said he was standing when he shot the thug at close range. 

       The teenager had a blood alcohol content of 0.21, nearly 3 times the legal limit. The seventeen year old entered Vernon's apartment and tried to hit him twice. The apartment dweller grabbed his gun, and the teen grabbed the barrel. He fired. 

        Investigators have been the subject of continued criticism for the lengthy investigation. Mr. Allen didn't know from day to day during the six months whether he would be criminally charged. Authorities justify the long time period as necessary for all the facts to be gathered and evaluated.  

        Meanwhile, on December 20th, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a man with a registered firearm stopped two home invaders at his residence. He stopped briefly at his home to use the restroom when he heard people enter the residence while he was also in the bathroom. Two armed men ordered him to give them his money. Instead of money, at least one of the robbers received gunshot wounds. One of the men showed up at an area hospital with gunshot wounds to his chest and legs. Police are searching for his accomplice. Charges are pending against the pair.