Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Home Invader Shot... With his Own Gun?

As frequently happens, a home invasion In Columbus was Likely shot by his own gun. 
Two hapless home invaders went to the door of a would be "victim," and asked for money. The resident shot one of the men with his own gun after the criminal took the man to a back room to rob him.  
The thug was hospitalized, and his partner in crime ran away. Poliice are looking for him. It is unclear if the crook was shot by his own gun or by the resident's. The home was occupied by three adults and a youngster. 
Meanwhile in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 
The owner of a bar shot a patron who pulled a knife and refused to leave the bar. The man, Marcus Boston, was sent to the hospital for gunshot wound treatment. He told police that he did not want to prosecute the bar owner. Police are still investigating. No charges likely against the bar owner. 
In Anderson, Indiana, A man was shot in the head during an attempted armed robbery of a Pizza Hut. He gave police a full confession of thecrime. He had pointed a gun at the head of a clerk and the clerk gave him over $700.00. 
But, the pizza deliveryman pulled his handgun and sht the thug in the back of the head. No charges will be filed against the deliveryman. 

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