Monday, December 28, 2009

Firearm Self Defense In "Gun Free" Chicago- One Thug Shoots Own Finger Off

Mug Shots in the News

                                                               Alleged Chicago Gunman

A Chicago man disarmed his robbers, escaped from the car he was forced into, and one of the assailants was shot with the robber’s own gun.  How could something like this happen in Mayor Daley’s “gun free” Chicago.

He was walking to the store when a car full of young thugs pulled their car over.  One pointed a gun at him and ordered him to get in. They took his wallet, pin number, and ATM card. The young thugs stopped to let some people out at a local business.

Two of the would be robbers tried to move the gun from the back to the front.

The would be "victim" heard a gun go off, and a female screamed that she had shot her finger off. The scared driver lost control and hit a dumpster.

The would be victim grabbed the gun, and fired what he called a “warning shot” at the thugs. The round accidentally hit the woman who had shot her finger off and killed her.

The robbery “victim” flagged down a passing police cruiser and was handcuffed and taken back to the station because he was still holding the gun.

No charges will be filed against the "victim."

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