Friday, December 25, 2009

Kansas City And San Antonio "Bad Guys" Shot by Would be Victims

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 A confrontation in Kansas City, Mo, ended badly for Reginald Waxter, who approached  another person, pulled out a gun, and shot the victim in the leg. The intended victim pulled out his own gun and returned fire. Police believe robbery might have been the motive; however, the two men knew each other, and there could have been personal conflicts. 

Mr. Waxter died at a hospital several hours later. 


In San Antonio,Texas, Police are investigating a fatal shooting of a burglar as a robbery went wrong. A teenager was at the wrong end of his intended victim's barrel. 
The three men who are alleged to have taken part in the robbery attempt were said to have gang connections. The 17 year old who was shot and killed was on probation for a home invasion burglary. The 19 year old, who was also shot, had surgery at a local hospital.
The burglars tried to break into the home, and the homeowner grabbed his gun, and shot at the would be home invaders as they were attempting to get into the house through the sliding glass door.

The getaway river was captured later. 

The homeowner fired multiple shots at the would be home invaders. His home had been burglarized several years ago.

Police believed that he did what was necessary to protect himself from the home invaders. The family of the man who died believed that the shooting wa unnecessary, and that he was shot like a dog. 

A grand jury will take a look at the case, but authorities believe that no charges will be filed against the homeowner. 

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