Friday, January 22, 2010

Armed Self Defense At Work Across America

Humberto Hernandez

In Palm Springs, Ca:
 In a miscalculation of what a man believed would be a successful home invasion, Mr. Humberto Hernandez tried to burglarize a home and wound up fighting the homeowner. But, the homeowner got the upper hand and got his .38 caliber handgun and shot Hernandez. Hernandez was captured during a traffic stop when a policeman noticed a wound on Hernandez’s shoulder. The wound had been treated by unknown persons.
Hernandez had ordered the man and his wife to get on the floor of their home while he looked for loot. Hernandez took the gun from the homeowner before he left. Fortunately, neither occupant of the home was harmed. Police are looking for the gun.
In New York:
Parrish Spencer was shot by a homeowner after he broke the window of a door of Willie Carson’s house in Niagara Falls, New York. Spencer entered the home and went upstairs, where Carson let him have it. Mr. Spencer is in the hospital, under guard, in stable condition.
Police say that they found broken Plexiglas at the home on January 21st. Carson will not be charged.
And, in new Mexico:
A sledgehammer wielding home invader was shot dead in Albuquerque by a homeowner as the crook tried to smash through a door. Neighbors reported that they heard something that sounded like a door being kicked in at the house. 
Police are looking for what appeared to be a getaway car that left the scene.

Meanwhile in Kansas City:

Two carjackers were shot as they tried to carjack a car a Kansas City car wash this week.

The thugs approached the car’s owner with the plan to take the car. Instead, the car’s owner pulled his gun and shot them both.  One of the carjackers had life threatening injuries. The other escaped in a car driven by an accomplice, but was wounded too.

This shooting was the second self defense shooting of robbers in Kansas City in just one hour.
A clerk at a local business shot a robber when he saw the man walking in and carrying a weapon.
It isn’t known if the clerk’s shots hit the man.

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