Monday, January 18, 2010

Home Invader Faints When Judge Sentences Him To 15 Years

An Atlanta, Georgia burglar, who was sentenced for his part in a home invasion burglary, fainted in Court after hearing that he would be spending his next 15 years in prison. He had to be dragged out of the Courtroom. D’ Georgio Jackson and three other thugs broke into the Grant’s Park home of Dan and Alyssa Kopp, and stole thousands of dollars of personal property.

The hoodlums kicked in a door, and helped themselves to the loot inside. They knew how to get inside. But, what they didn’t know was that the homeowners had installed covert security cameras inside and outside the home that recorded the crooks’ every move, from the break in itself to the carrying out of the goods. The home invaders were busted after the videos of them at work burglarizing the home were posted on the internet.

D’ Georgio’s mother said that he was the victim of misidentification, but hapless D’Georgio pled guilty to the crime.

As D’ Georgio stood shackled before the Judge, the victims spoke out against him about how the home invasion impacted their lives. They said that they were standing up in the place of other crime victims when they spoke to the Court about the crime’s impact on them.

Judge Jerry Baxter was not impressed with D’Georgio telling him at his guilty plea proceeding, that, in essence, he wanted to get on with his life and put this behind him.
The Judge sentenced D’Georgio to 20 years in prison, with the first 15 years to be served, with 5 suspended.
 Judge Baxter told D’Georgio that the sentence was meant to make him an example of crime not paying.

D’Georgio is also a suspect in several other burglaries committed within hours of this one. If convicted of those crimes, the sentences could be consecutive with the 15 year sentence.

In Kansas City, Kansas:

Police there reported that a convenience store clerk shot a man attempting to rob him just after midnight on the morning on 01/15/10. When the robber entered, the clerk was away from the counter. He spotted the armed man from a back room. The clerk fired one shot and the robber ran off. Police believe that the robber was wounded. The clerk had a concealed handgun permit.
You can bet that this story won’t be one included in the ongoing count of shootings by concealed permit holders on the Violence Policy Center website.

In Palm Springs:
Police have released few details of a home invasion that went wrong on 01/17/10. A burglar was shot in Palm Springs by a husband and wife who confronted him. The medium sized criminal was a white male, about 5'8" tall, who wore a black ski mask. The home invader kicked down a sliding glass door to get inside. He told the couple to get on the floor while he looked for things he wanted. The couple was able to get their hands on their own gun, and shot the thug in the upper body. He escaped in a convertible red Ford Mustang.

And, in Houston:

A shooting of a teenager was referred to the Grand Jury when a man shot a teenager who was trying to steal his car on 01/17/10. It was parked in the owner’s driveway.  Deputies found the 18 year thief old dead in the driveway after responding to reports of gunshots.

The teen’s accomplice ran off. No charges have been filed against the car’s owner.

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