Saturday, January 2, 2010

Man Shoots Friend When "Friend" Pulls Gun On Him

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Police say that Ronnie Crawford came to Martin Smiley's motel room in Augusta, Georgia. They say he was high on drugs. A fight began, and Smiley shot Crawford when he grabbed the gun that Crawford was holding. The bullet went through his hand and hit his leg. Police say that the shooting was in self defense.

Meanwhile, a Tennessee man breaking into a car was shot after he was caught and became aggressive to the "victim."
The owner found Kenneth Wayne Jones in the act of breaking into the car, and tried to hold him at gunpoint. At that time, Jones became aggressive toward the owner, and the owner fired in self defense. He was hit several times. No charges will be filed against the owner.

And, elsewhere in Tennessee, a Roane homeowner shot snd killed a burglar. An accomplice was charged with vandalism and attempted aggravated burglary, and is still being held on bond.

The duo had planned to burglarize the home earlier in the day, but came back later, and tried to get the home's door open. The second man waited outside as he heard a gunshot.
Evidence showed the homeowner's story checked out.

Investigation continues, and the belief is that charges will not be filed against the man defending his home.

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