Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Robber Killed With his Own "Assault" Rifle

Since they had nothing else to do, 18 year old Jeremy Bell and his cousin decided that an armed robbery would be a good idea. Mr. Bell hid behind  his cousin, and was armed with an “assault rifle” at the door at the scene of the planned robbery in Shreveport, La. .

His cousin, Jerome Hughes' job was to knock on the door of the residence. A struggle between the home's occupant and Bell began when Bell began hitting the man with his firearm.

As frequently happens, the thug lost his gun to his "victim," Mr. Gobert, who shot  and killed the hapless Mr. Bell with his own firearm. Gobert, the homeowner, had to be treated for blunt force trauma at a local hospital. Charges have not been filed against Gobert.
Police are looking for Hughes will charge him wih home invasion. He will face a quarter million dollar bond.

And, in New Bloomfield, Pa:

One burglar robbed his last victim when he set off a burglar alarm at Shermans dale Beer and Beverage in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania. 25 year old Jeffrey Thomas Harness was shot dead by an employee who went to the store only to find a broken front door glass and Mr. Harless inside. The employee confronted Harless inside, and the employee shot Harless one time in the upper chest with his handgun.  The burglar was also armed.

Meanwhile, in Houston:

A former police officer and his wife were awakened by glass breaking in their home.  The wife told her husband that someone was breaking into the home.  They saw a man with a hoodie holding a fire extinguisher in the hallway, and they feared attack.

The man of the house got his shotgun, and shot from the hip. He hit the intruder in the hip. The would be robber then escaped from the house.  The home invader, Mark Galvan, was found by deputies in a neighbor’s yard crying for help. He is to be charged.

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