Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Third Burglary Of Home In Three Days Ends With Home Invader Shot Dead

A St. Louis man, whose home was burglarized on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, 01/25/10, had enough on the third burglary. He shot and killed the home invader in the third burglary.

The homeowner shot the 45 year old black male in the chest when he broke into the home. He died on the spot. Two women who also broke with the man who was killed ran away after the shots were fired. Police are looking for them. 

Police said that the homeowner was justified in killing the burglar under the state’s Castle Doctrine law. He will not be charged.

Missouri’s Castle Doctrine Law permits the use of deadly force in most circumstances if someone invades a home or occupied vehicle.

This is the second justified killing of a burglar in St. Louis in less than a month.

And, self defense has no age limits.

In Hidalgo County, Texas, along the Mexican border, an 11 year old boy shot a home invader who forcefully crashed into his house last week. Three men broke in to the home where the boy and his mother were hiding in a closet.
One of the thugs shot through the door, and the bullet struck the boy in the groin. The boy had a .22 rifle and he used in when he shot back and hit the man outside in the neck
Both the boy and the burglar were hospitalized in San Antonio. The thug is under police guard. Police have apprehended the wounded man’s two accomplices. 
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