Friday, February 26, 2010

Florida Teenagers Burglarizing Cars Accidentally Call 911

Prevent your car from getting stolen or broken intoTwo teenage car burglars accidentally called 911 on their cell phone as they were breaking into cars in Daytona Beach, Florida. They were discussing what was worth stealing and what should be left behind. 911 tapes show that 19 year old Stephanie Vargas and a 13 year old were busy stealing from cars and didn’t know that the police were listening as they were at work. Dispatchers heard almost every word said after the 911 call as they stole from cars.

The 911 tapes recorded the following call.

The Daytona dispatcher answered a call and said, "Hello? Hello? What is your emergency?"
The dispatcher then said to a fellow employee, "Somebody's talking about karma."

One of the teens said, "Let me see.”

Then dispatchers heard, "When I beep the horn it means the cops are on their way, you hear me? You promise you hear me?" "

"Look in here, in the glove compartment. They have, like, GPSs or something."
"Oh, I didn't even think about that." "That's where the GPSs are at.,"

"You got to break the SIM card. Take that SIM card out. They can trace it."
"If  there's nothing there, leave it.

"Trust me, God always works in mysterious ways. If you be greedy, that's when you get caught up, alright?"

God does indeed work in mysterious ways. The pair were tracked by their cell phone and were caught in the act with stolen property. They will be charged with burglary from a car.

In North Carolina:

The legal troubles for North Carolina State Senator R.C. Soles, 74, have ended. Soles is  the longest-serving lawmaker in the General Assembly. He shot an alleged intruder as he tried to break into his home last year. He shot 22-year-old Thomas Kyle Blackburn in the leg as Blackburn and another man when Soles claimed they tried to break down his door. They apparently were both legal clients of the Senator.

Soles claimed the shooting was in self defense, but he was charged with a firearms assault charge. Police had been called over 40 times to his home and office regarding burglar alarms and young people causing disturbances there.

Soles pled guilty to a misdemeanor, and a felony charge was dismissed. He paid a $1,000.00 fine. He will continue to practice law, but will not run for reelection.

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Iowa City's Most Wanted
The Iowa City Police Department is looking for the following 
individuals and is asking for help from the public. If you have 
seen any of these people, do not approach them yourself. 
Call the Police Department immediately at 319-356-5276. 
Give the dispatcher the location you saw the person and 
any other information that may help locate them 
(clothing description, vehicle description or license number). 
You may remain anonymous when you call. You may also 

Do not attempt to apprehend or detain any 
of these individuals by yourself.

Photograph of  Nestor Emilio Massa

Nestor Emilio Massa

Crime:Identity Theft
Theft 2nd Degree
Alias:Brian Lee Kopf
Date of Birth:11/29/1969
Height:5' 08"
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Brown
Descriptors:Date of Warrant: 11/30/2005
May be driving a Silver 1999 Audi 4door.
Post Date:4/10/2007 9:39:59 PM

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Canada May License And Register Toy Guns

The Canadian Safety Council has asked police to push for registering and licensing replica toy guns. Several persons have been killed by police while they were holding guns that turned out to be replicas.

But, facts show that several persons killed while holding a toy gun were acting irresponsibly with them and acting like they were real when confronted by police. One man was killed while pointing a replica gun and threatening police that he would shoot it. Another held a replica gun in his hand after being stopped following a police car chase. And another held an air gun replica Sig Sauer and would not respond to police commands to put it down. A bank robber was killed when he pointed a fake gun at officers and said he would shoot.
About 40% of guns seized in Ottawa are fake guns.

Toy guns do get people into other kinds of trouble in Canada.  A LEGO gun got a Toronto man in trouble. One of Jeremy Bell’s co-workers saw him handling a handgun in his office. It looked like a semiautomatic pistol.

He was actually completing a handgun toy made of black LEGOs. He showed the toy to a co-worker and put it away. But, police arrived with guns drawn and rifles up at their shoulders.

It was then up against the wall and handcuffs for Bell. He was not arrested, but he probably had to change his underwear.

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Claudine Bishop
Claudine Bishop
Armed robbery and fraud over $5000

Armed Robbery and Fraud over 5,000

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the 
Surêté du Québec are seeking public assistance
 in the apprehension of Claudine Bishop who is 
wanted in Quebec and Ontario for a variety of 
offences including armed robbery and fraud over $5000. 
Mrs. Bishop is also wanted by the Montreal Police Service
 regarding the abandonment of a baby at Montreal's 
Lakeshore Hospital on July 7, 2008.
The subject has repeatedly and continually assumed
 stolen identities of persons she comes into contact 
with in order to evade justice. Police believe that the 
subject may be living in Montreal or Toronto
under a stolen identity.
Date of Birth : December 3, 1973
Description :
  • 5'1" (155 cm)
  • 140 lbs. (64 kg) (in 2008, the suspect 
  • would have weighed 30 lbs less)
  • Brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Distintive Characteristics: gold crowns 
  • on two top incisors
  • Tattoos: Right arm: "BITCH"
Persons who are aware of the location of BISHOP 
should not approach her but immediately call the 
RCMP at 1-800-771-5401

  • Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    Teenage Burglar Shot By Victim Flees, Begs Neighbor To Call His "Momma"

    A Houston homeowner shot two home invaders last Friday during a gun battle outside his house. A black male adult and teenager were casing the neighborhood and planning on a burglary somewhere they could find an opportunity. They were knocking on doors to see if anyone was home before burglarizing a selected home. 

    After knocking on several doors, they reached the last house and didn’t get an answer. After the home invaders knocked down the front door, the homeowner confronted them with a gun. Both the homeowner and the home invaders were armed.

    One of the suspects shot and wounded the home’s occupant, but the homeowner shot the teen and wounded him several times and killed the older home invader. The older home invader fell dead to the ground in the yard. The teenager who was wounded ran to a nearby house and pounded on the front door.  He told the woman living there that he had been shot, and begged her to call his “Momma.” She thought he was crazy. He went to her window and showed her his bleeding foot. She called 911 instead.

    Deputies arrived in minutes when seconds count and arrested the teen. The coroner took care of the adult home invader. Neighbors say that the area has had numerous burglaries in recent times.

    And, Justice was delayed in Florida:
    A Tavares, Florida homeowner has been finally cleared in the shooting death of a career burglar last November. Shane Biel shot Brett Lee Canada with the .357 magnum that he had to defend himself. Canada was unarmed. Biel had been burglarized once before. Canada had spent prison time for burglary several times before his final break in.
    The homeowner said that he ordered Canada to the ground. But he came at him with something in his hand instead. Biel said that he feared for his life. Canada was shot in the foot and the back. The reviewing prosecutor said that Biel had no duty to retreat. The prosecutor also believed that there was no evidence to show that Canada wasn’t facing Biel when he was shot. The prosecutor also cited Florida law 776.012, .013, and .032 and the Florida case State v Hamilton in support of his decision not to prosecute.

    Bolt cutters were found at the crime scene, and Canada had current charges pending for grand theft and burglary.

    Biel could have been charged with a range of charges up to murder and could have been sentenced to life in prison.

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    1. Never approach a person you believe 
    2. is wanted for a crime.
    3. Contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office Warrants Division
    4.  at 713-755-6055 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477) 
    5. and provide them with the information you have.
    6. You may provide information on either 
    7. the Harris County Sheriff's Office Tip Link 
    8. or the Crime Stoppers Link, or both.

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Worst Burglary Of 2010...So Far

    In what is probably the worst burglary of the year so far, 19 year old Stephan Crane broke into the offices of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper in Montana last week.  He came in through a window after hours because he always wanted to know what was inside the newspaper’s office. It would have been easier to have just asked.

    Crane used the newspapers computers to view pornography. He also took the time to log into his Facebook and MySpace accounts. When he was finished, he sprayed a fire extinguisher around the room and then left a trail behind. He had stolen M&Ms and trail mix, and left a trail of dropped snacks all the way to his sister’s apartment which was across the hall from the newspaper’s office.

    Crane admitted that alcohol was involved. He is charged with felony burglary, criminal mischief, and misdemeanor theft.

    In San Bernardino, California, a female home invader was shot in the chest as she broke into a home’s window. Jennifer London stuck her head through the window after she broke it. She was shot after the home’s occupant warned her that he was armed. Deputies arrived in minutes when seconds counted, and found her wounded with a single bullet wound to the chest. She was jailed after treatment at a hospital and has a $125,000.00 bond

    And, a Ft. Wayne, Indiana area woman saved herself and her daughter when she was able to text message to a neighbor that she needed help. A home invader had tied her and her daughter up. He sexually assaulted the daughter.

    Sonny Osborn, the neighbor’s boyfriend went inside with a gun. He shot the rapist in the leg three times. The attacker is in the Allen County jail.

    please contact the Fugitive Squad at (404) 546-4220 or Submit a tip on-line


    Muhammed El-Amin
    Warrant #: FBI-02581TA4


    Warrant #: EW019870

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    British Policeman Says Prayer Stops Crime...Others Say "Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition."

    In London, a police official has said that the crime rate in his district has been cut by praying. Roger Bartlett, a police Inspector believes that prayers have increased the apprehension rate, helped solve crimes, and as an added benefit, have reduced the number of car accident fatalities.

    The prayers are done through organized citizen prayer meetings. They are conducted regularly.

    The Inspector cited the following in support of his claim. After frequent prayer sessions with the public, the police did not have to answer a single disorderly Halloween night call. A frequent serial burglar who had evaded police was captured after prayers for his being caught. His district has one of the highest crime solving rates in the country.
    And, road accidents dropped drastically after prayer for that to occur.  Another officer arranged prayer meetings and the burglary rate fell 30% over the following year.

    The Christian Police Association is convinced enough on the power of prayer to say that there is circumstantial evidence to show that prayer reduces crime.

    But, others here might say, Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition..."  

    A concealed handgun permit holder killed a home invader when he arrived home and found signs that a burglary was in progress. The homeowner used his revolver to kill 21 year old home invader Christopher Childress, who was shot in the chest. After Childress was shot, he ran a short distance onto the street where he collapsed.

    Police believe that two more people were with Childress in the home. Police, who arrived in minutes when seconds count, believe one of Childress’ friends may have been shot also. They would not release the shooter’s name because they feared for his safety.

    Childress’ family and friends left candles and written messages at the spot where he dropped.

    In Ohio:

    Anyone who owns a dog knows that when your dog is inside the house and becomes agitated and runs back and forth between your home’s windows, something’s up outside. And, that’s what happened late night at 3:45 a.m. one night last week when Ashtabula County, Ohio’s Michael Hommes’s dog did just that. Hommes let his dog outside. It was ready to protect his owner.

    Hommes and his girlfriend inside heard three shots outside. As Hommes heard the sound of his back door being kicked in, he grabbed his large caliber handgun. He then saw a stranger standing in his home. Hommes shot at the man who ran from the house. He got into a four door Buick sedan and fled. Police aren’t sure if the home invader was hit. They have been checking area clinic and hospitals.  

    The family pet was shot three times with a .45 caliber handgun, but will survive.  

    Also in Ohio, a concealed handgun permit holder killed a home invader when he arrived home and found signs that a burglary was in progress. The homeowner used his revolver to kill 21 year old home invader Christopher Childress, who was shot in the chest. After Childress was shot, he ran a short distance onto the street where he collapsed.

    Police believe that two more people were with Childress in the home. Police, who arrived in minutes when seconds count, believe one of Childress’ friends may have been shot also. They would not release the shooter’s name because they feared for his safety.

    Childress’ family and friends left candles and written messages at the spot where he dropped. 


    Suspect:Kenneth Washington
    Description:black male, 5’08” tall, 155 pounds
    Crime:Robbery 1st
    Date:Friday, November 9, 2007
    Time:10:35 p.m
    Location:Sunoco Gas Station- 3615 Philadelphia
    Pike, Claymont, Delaware
    Last Known Address:900 block of Highland Avenue, Chester, PA
    Known to frequent the Chester, PA area
    as well as Marcus Hook, PA and Claymont, DE
    Resume:On Fri. 11/09/07 at approx. 10:35 p.m.,
    Kenneth Washington entered the Sunoco gas
    station located at 3615 Philadelphia Pike
    Claymont, DE 19703. The suspect jumped over
    the front register counter, forcibly took cash
    from the clerk and then fled the business.
    Contact Info:Anyone with information pertaining to Washington’s
    whereabouts can call 302.834.2620 ext 4 or
    Crime Stoppers at 1.800.TIP.3333.

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Two Electricians Lured To Home For Robbery, Both Shot...Robber Killed

    We’ve all heard stories of pizza delivery drivers being set up to be robbed, but here’s a twist.
    Two Atlanta electricians were lured into a vacant house this week. An armed man planned to rob them when they got there.

    One or more men were waiting for the two electricians from different companies to arrive in the house. They were due at different, but close times.

    Once inside, the first electrician was shot in the leg and robbed. The second electrician didn’t know about the first one when he arrived. The armed robber shot him in the leg too.

    That’s when the second electrician pulled out a handgun and shot the robber in the head. The robber is in critical condition at an Atlanta hospital. A second man may have also been wounded.

    And, in South Carolina:

    A home invasion victim who was shot in the hip by a burglar fired a shot back at him. The victim was not at home when the break in occurred. But, when he arrived, he found that the electric power had been turned off. He went outside and turned it back on, but when he went back inside he was shot in the hip by the home invader. The home’s occupant fired back; however, he does not know if he hit the thug.

    In Houston:

    A Houston burglar didn’t survive his home invasion attempt. 23 year old Roosevelt Jackson, Junior woke up the home’s occupant when he broke a window of the house.  The homeowner then saw movement by a dresser at the front window. He got his shotgun and shot at the man who was coming in through the window.

    Roosevelt fell out of the window and police found him dead in the yard.

    And, another Houston home invader’s career was ended this week.  A semi tractor was usually parked near the house where he made the home invasion attempt, but the owner had moved it. The burglar probably believed that the home was unoccupied because the truck was gone. The homeowner heard noises of the break in and shot the burglar three times. He died near the house.

    Photo of Most Wanted Suspect
    Jon Halverson 
    Wanted For: 

    Assault with a deadly weapon with the likelihood of great bodily harm

    Battery against a person with bodily injury, and Robbery

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    British Police To Pose As Burglars In The Community

    Cheshire Police have begun to act using burglar’s tactics to test doors and windows in the dead of night to increase home security. If they find one open, then they will knock on the offending door, wake up the home’s residents, and give them a lecture.

    The “crime stopping” initiative is called “Operation Golden.” The police are using the tactic of seeing if doors and windows are unlocked because they say 40% of all burglaries originate with unlocked doors and windows.

    Some elderly residents are skeptical of the plan. Many believe that it will be confusing for them. Many are ready to give police their own lecture about trespassing on their private property, waking people up and scaring them. Some residents have said that they won’t be polite about the police incursions. Some are just opposed to the nighttime visits. The operation is currently done between 4:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. Police believe that reasonable people would be grateful.

    Many British burglaries are done while resident are home. The home invaders will sneak in and grab what they can while the victims are watching TV.

    This kind of police tactic is dangerous, and  might be met with gunfire in the United States by an unknowing and scared homeowner in a situation like that encountered by a 38 year old woman in East Sussex. A  man that she did not know was a policeman was actually climbing into her window. That policeman was participating in the simulated burglary operation. The policeman had the brashness to give her a lecture about her open window that he was trying to climb through.   

    Police are passing out door hanging cards that list security precautions that residents should take before leaving home. We wonder if the police official who thought of this plan received a promotion for having come up with the idea.

    However, there are proven dangers in British police playing cops and robbers. English Constable Ian Terry was playing an armed robber in a training exercise when he was shot in the chest by a fellow policeman who was just a foot away. Terry was playing the role of a robber fleeing in a car in the exercise.

    He was hit with an “irritant” 12 gauge round from a Remington 870. That round is designed to flatten tires, break windows, and stop cars. But this round did more that when it hit Terry. It struck him in the left chest and killed him. The other officer opened fire when he saw Terry’s gun. He didn’t know that Terry would be armed and fired instinctively. They were supposedly told that the role play actor would not have a loaded gun, and that the guns would be pointed down.

    Some participating officers told investigators that the training officer said in a briefing that paintball guns would be used.  An inquest is being conducted.

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    Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department 
    are looking for JOHN EDWARD MCDONALD 
    on charges of Home Invasion Robbery, 
    Burglary, Kidnapping & False Imprisonment.

    Suspect (left): McDONALD, John Edward 
    DOB: 04/03/79 White male/5'08/170/Brown/Blue
    Suspect CAPTURE #132 MORRIS, William 
    aka Billy DOB: 09/02/77

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Briton Who Cut Off Burglar's Ear With Samurai Sword Is Acquitted

    United Cutlery Samurai Sword Katana Black Leather, Black Blade

    An Englishman who almost sliced off the ear of a home invader with an ornamental samurai sword has been acquitted of all charges after a trial. He was found not guilty of unlawful wounding. The home invader had threatened to rape his wife and kill his teenage children. He used the sword because it was the only weapon he could find.
    He told authorities that if the first thing he had found to defend his family had been an umbrella, he would have hit them with that.

    You may recall that a New Jersey college student recently killed a burglar legally with a samurai sword. 

    Prosecutors who filed charges under the oppressive British self defense laws believed that 47 year old David Fullard’s self defense actions were “over the top.” Prosecutors said that it was disproportionate to attack the thug with a “battlefield weapon” when the home invader was only armed with brass knuckles.  

    22 year old Michael Severs and 19 year old Michael Smith were apparently high on alcohol and drugs when they broke into the home. David Fullard had faced a long prison term.

    Fullard’s wife told the jury that the two burglars threatened to rape her, kill the kids and Mr. Fullard, and burn the house down.

    Under British law the two home invaders were given a slap on the wrist. They received suspended sentences and 100 hours of community service work. Severs had to have his ear reattached.

    And here across the Pond:

    An Alabama home invader was stopped at two a.m. earlier this week by a shotgun blast. Two men broke down the front door of the Tuscaloosa residence, confronted the homeowner, and began to beat him. The homeowner was able to get his 12 gauge shotgun and fire it.

    The homeowner knew one of the men. They began to struggle over the shotgun, and the homeowner prevailed. Home invader Dennis Sagely has been charged with second degree robbery. A second man was treated for a gunshot wound.  Both were jailed.


    Police Department

    990 E 2nd Ave
    Durango, CO 81301-5109

    Photo of Offender
    6' 01" 180
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair

    Photo of Offender
    5'02" 130
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair
    Motor Vehicle Theft

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    University Researchers Discover That The Majority Of English Burglars Wear Reebok Classic Trainers

    There seems to be a crime fighting study for everything. Now, Graduate student researchers at the University of Leicester in Great Britain have studied the footprints found at 100 burglaries in neighboring Northamptonshire.
    52 of 100 burglars made footprints created by Reebok Classic Brand Sports Trainers.

    The researchers found that unemployed burglars spent $104.00 on their Reeboks. Employed burglars spent $75.00 on theirs. They determined that burglars from poorer areas spent more on their Reeboks. It is unknown how they came up with those figures. Researchers don’t actually know how many of the shoes had been stolen.   

    Researchers are hoping to interview Reebok wearing burglars in the future to ask them why the Reebok brand is so popular with them. It could be because the shoes are so quiet.

    Police hope to use the research information to narrow down their lists of suspects.

    Also, English burglary numbers are falling as more criminals turn to muggings, and are going after cash and jewelry from their victims in person instead. Burglaries dropped 42% in 2009, while muggings went up 17%. Also, commonly stolen electronics, standard DVD players, don’t top the list of burglarized goods because burglars say that they just aren’t worth stealing anymore.

    In Washington State:

    A Bridgeport man who was house sitting a friend’s home shot at a home invader after he found a door open and two burglars inside. The man saw someone dressed in black and wearing a ski mask inside the home, and went to his truck to get his 9mm. He shot twice, but missed.

    Deputies got there in minutes, when seconds count, and found a 20 year old burglar hiding in the bathroom. He had injured himself when he pulled accidentally pulled a saw down from a shelf, and it cut him on the head. The other thug ran away.

    Sheriff’s Department personnel used night vision and dogs when they searched the area, but found no one else.

    No charges will be filed against the man who shot at the burglars.

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    Alaska's Wanted
    Call Anchorage Crime Stoppers today

    Jonathan Ronald Schober

    May have fled to Washington State
    case # 09-22529
    Caucasian tattoos on both calves
    6 ft 0 in
    200 pounds Brown hair and eyes

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Man Spends 5 Years In Prison While Planning Murder Of Man Who Turned Him In

    While Briton David Burke spent 5 years in Her Majesty’s Prison, he daydreamed of getting revenge on the man who turned him in for the robbery that sent him there. His plan became the murder of David Clarke. It became his prison obsession.

    Clarke’s wife had been arrested over the armed robbery that Burke did. But, she was released with no charges after she and her husband, David Clarke, had given police information that implicated David Burke in the robbery. Burke was convicted and sent to prison for the robbery of a man whose home he entered while he was armed and wearing a mask.

    After Burke was released, Burke and a drug dealer accomplice went into David Clarke’s home in Blackpool as Clarke was watching TV, and killed Mr. Clarke with a machete.  David Clarke had at least 50 stab and slash wounds.  
    Burke and the drug dealing Friend were sentenced to life in prison.

    In Albuquerque, New Mexico:

    A home invader was shot in the head by his intended victim as she was on the phone with a 911 operator. 19 year old Frank Castillo was found by police in the victim’s front yard. At last report, Castillo was in critical condition in the hospital.

    Police, who arrived in minutes when seconds count, believe that there was a conspiracy because a two toned car sped off after the shooting. They believe that the driver of the getaway car called Castillo’s family members because they showed up at the home invasion scene. They became hysterical on learning of Castillo’s fate, and were taken to police cars for questioning. An investigation continues. 

    Sheriff Mike Hale and Administration Contact:
    2200 Eighth Avenue North
    Birmingham, AL 35203
    Phone: 205-325-5700.
    Fax 205-325-5364

    Wanted: Richard Glenn Glass
    Sex:  M
    Race:  White
    Height:  6' 1"
    Weight:  222
    Hair:  Red
    Eyes:  Green
    Date of Birth:  8/22/1961
    Last Known Address: 2750 Heaton Dr
    Irondale AL 35210
    Scars, Marks, Tattoos:  
    Robbery First Degree
    Probation Revocation Theft of Property First Degree

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Ohio Burglar Sues the Victim Who Shot Him

    A Lima, Ohio Burglar has sued the man whose home he invaded and who shot him. Nineteen year old Jack White has sued 54 year old Stephen White (no relation), saying that Stephen White shot him intentionally. The younger man says that the gunshot caused serious injuries and a disability. His medical bills have reached over $35,000.00. Stephen White had just returned to his home last February and found Jack White and two others in his yard. Jack had just broken into Stephen’s house and was running back to his own house nearby with a rifle and other things he had stolen from Stephen’s house.

    The elder Mr. White chased Jack. He confronted Jack, and the rifle that Jack had just stolen went off during a struggle for it.  

    A Judge has sentenced Jack White to two years in prison, and told him that he had no right to be in another man’s home.  Jack is well on his way to being a career criminal. He has a long juvenile record that includes other breaking and entering, assaults, thefts, and criminal trespassing convictions.

    To further complicate the case, Stephen White faces Felonious Assault charges and a charge of having a firearm when he had been previously ordered by the Court to not possess one. Prosecutors believe that Stephen White pulled the trigger. He is going to trial on these charges in late spring, and could be sentenced to 12 years in prison.

    Fortunately, and contrary to what young Jack White and his lawyer believe, juries don't like to reward criminal behavior or give damages payments for injuries sustained as a result of one’s own criminal behavior.

    Perhaps Stephen White will find a sympathetic jury in the criminal matter too.

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    Humberto Aguilar
    A.k.a:Race:HispanicSex:MaleHeight:5'8"Weight:180Hair:BlackEyes:BrownDOB:Sept. 4, 1965Identifying marks:Tattoos on both arms



    Quorey Rondrael Giddings
    A.k.a:Corey GoddingsRace:African AmericanSex:MaleHeight:6' 7"Weight:185Hair:BlackEyes:BrownDOB:Feb. 19, 1981Identifying marks:

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    New York May Ban Carrying Firearms While Intoxicated

    There is a move to make New York the 21st state to ban intoxicated persons from carrying a firearm. Many in and out of New York believe that if a person is too drunk to drive a car, then they are too drunk to carry a firearm. If the law is passed, then violators will face a one year Class A Misdemeanor and a $10,000 fine.

    Here's how some states handle the issue. Michigan bans Concealed Pistol License Holders from entering businesses such as bars or taverns that make most of their money from on premises alcohol sales while the CPL holder is armed.  There is also a law in place that prohibits CPL holders from having any determinable blood alcohol content in their body while carrying concealed.

    Hunting with firearms while intoxicated is absolutely prohibited in Michigan. But, there’s no restriction from having cases of beer at deer camp in the woods after hunting, a great Michigan tradition.

    There is a big difference in consuming alcohol and over consuming it. Other states, like Indiana, don’t prohibit firearms in bars, and they have prevented crimes in them.

    Some may disagree, but the prohibition against carrying a loaded firearm while intoxicated is not a first step down a slippery gun control slope. We have all seen people so drunk that they would have been dangerous if they handled a loaded firearm in that condition. This kind of prohibition against a drunk person carrying a loaded firearm is not a standard gun control issue. 

    It is a firearms safety issue, just as not cleaning a loaded firearm is, or looking down the barrel of a revolver to see if it is loaded. These two issues aren't illegal, but no one would suggest doing them. 

    A California man will spend the next 60 years in prison after accepting a plea bargain. He was charged  with a series of armed robberies and a sexual assault on a gas station employee. He tied her up in the back room of the gas station she worked at and then he pretended to be the clerk and waited on customers.

    Sione Motuapuaka faced charges of commercial burglary, false imprisonment, armed robbery, assault with a firearm, kidnapping, and supplemental weapons  charge enhancements.  The prosecutor dismissed the sexual assault charges as part of the plea.

    He had robbed four other local small businesses. He blamed his plight on Meth addiction.

    Sione Motuapuaka

    A Modesto, California burglar was shot at by the woman who lived in the home he was invading. The woman was way when the burglar broke in, but came inside the home as the burglary was in progress. She armed herself, and shot at the home invader. That was enough to send he burglar running. It is not known if he was hit by the woman’s shot.

    The burglar was described as a white male with long blond hair, in his 20s, wearing a blue hoodie, and blue jeans. He also had a duffle bag.

    WANTED- Bell County, Texas

    Call 1-254-770-6864 (Local) or 1-800-265-2007
    OR CALL CRIMESTOPPERS AT 1-800-729-TIPS (Local 526-TIPS)

    Lane, Dominique Jarrod Wesley

    DOB:  03/11/1991    5'10"      
    150  lbs    B/M       
    BRO Eyes   BLK Hair
    Cause # 63238 - Aggravated Assault
    with Deadly Weapon

    Soja, Frank Joseph
    DOB:  02/05/1978     5'5
    135  lbs    W/M 
    BLU Eyes   SDY Hair
    Cause # 59654 - Burglary of a Habitation