Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Briton Who Cut Off Burglar's Ear With Samurai Sword Is Acquitted

United Cutlery Samurai Sword Katana Black Leather, Black Blade

An Englishman who almost sliced off the ear of a home invader with an ornamental samurai sword has been acquitted of all charges after a trial. He was found not guilty of unlawful wounding. The home invader had threatened to rape his wife and kill his teenage children. He used the sword because it was the only weapon he could find.
He told authorities that if the first thing he had found to defend his family had been an umbrella, he would have hit them with that.

You may recall that a New Jersey college student recently killed a burglar legally with a samurai sword. 

Prosecutors who filed charges under the oppressive British self defense laws believed that 47 year old David Fullard’s self defense actions were “over the top.” Prosecutors said that it was disproportionate to attack the thug with a “battlefield weapon” when the home invader was only armed with brass knuckles.  

22 year old Michael Severs and 19 year old Michael Smith were apparently high on alcohol and drugs when they broke into the home. David Fullard had faced a long prison term.

Fullard’s wife told the jury that the two burglars threatened to rape her, kill the kids and Mr. Fullard, and burn the house down.

Under British law the two home invaders were given a slap on the wrist. They received suspended sentences and 100 hours of community service work. Severs had to have his ear reattached.

And here across the Pond:

An Alabama home invader was stopped at two a.m. earlier this week by a shotgun blast. Two men broke down the front door of the Tuscaloosa residence, confronted the homeowner, and began to beat him. The homeowner was able to get his 12 gauge shotgun and fire it.

The homeowner knew one of the men. They began to struggle over the shotgun, and the homeowner prevailed. Home invader Dennis Sagely has been charged with second degree robbery. A second man was treated for a gunshot wound.  Both were jailed.


Police Department

990 E 2nd Ave
Durango, CO 81301-5109

Photo of Offender
6' 01" 180
Brown eyes
Brown hair

Photo of Offender
5'02" 130
Brown eyes
Brown hair
Motor Vehicle Theft

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