Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Englishman Is On Trial

In Great Britain, burglars and other home invaders are granted what amounts to a special protected status by law. When a home is broken into, the occupant takes a chance in fighting back against those there to rob the occupants or burglarize the house. The occupants often face criminal charges for defending themselves and their families, even when the criminal is armed with a gun in “gun free” England.

Forty nine year old Briton Samuel Quamina is on trial right now in the Old Bailey for murder and causing grievous bodily harm for having killed a robber who entered his home in Peckham, England while the intruder was armed with a handgun. Several men broke into his house last September and threatened the Quamina with the handgun and wanted what he had.

The English citizenry joke that burglars there will break into your home and steal your TV while you are watching it. But, it was no joke when the men lunged at him and tried to steal the gold rings and chains he was wearing. The homeowner knocked some speakers off the wall, hit the men with them, and that disarmed them.

He went to his kitchen and got two kitchen knives to defend himself.
He killed one of the home invaders with a knife. The mortally wounded man ran from the
home, but didn’t get far. Quamina told police that he feared for his life.

English Prosecutors are saying at the trial that Mr. Quamina attacked an unarmed man and killed him in cold blood. They say that the killing of the would be robber was done to get revenge against him for breaking into his home. They are telling the jury that it wasn’t reasonable for the man to have killed the robber while the robber was unarmed by lashing out and stabbing him.

Many times a burglar in the USA quickly finds out that the home’s occupants here think it’s not reasonable to break into a private home, and pay the price at the hands of a scared homeowner.

Another man who broke into the home at the same time was also stabbed. He was charged with attempted robbery after receiving medical treatment.
The trial is still underway there.

Samuel Quamina has been acquitted of the charges today. Maybe the prosecutors there will start getting the message. 

And, in Cincinnati yesterday:

Kevin Boyle confronted a burglar in his home in the middle of the night. Kevin had a .45 close by. Boyle crouched down while holding the gun and saw the man standing in front of him. Kevin ordered him not to move, at which time the other man pulled out what he believed to be a gun. Boyle fired twice at the threat as he ran to a safer position.

He called 911 and told them the man ran into the woods. Police arrived in minutes when seconds count, and their K-9 tracked the burglar to the end of the driveway. They believe the man hopped into a car there.

Kevin Boyle is heading to Marine boot camp in two months. He believes that his secluded home looked especially tempting to the home invader.  

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  1. My husband is also on trial at the moment. He was charged with murder after a man burst into our house, intent on causing harm. We are hoping that he will be acquitted next week. http://www.andoveradvertiser.co.uk/news/5034962.Andover_man_pleads_not_guilty_to_murder_charge/
    The state of the self-defence laws in Britain are horrendous. Our family has been torn apart by this and will never be the same again, whatever happens.

  2. To; anonymous @ 3:09pm

    I have reposted information about your husband and have added info from your Facebook page on 03/04/10's blog "Another Innocent British Family In Despair Over Obscene British Self Defense Laws."

    Good Luck. Hopefully, a jury wil see through this sham of justice.

  3. British Self Defence Laws are not horrendous. Quamina is a 49 old man who killed an innocent man hiding behind the rules of self defence. This was a row and the man lashed out at the victim with two large knives. His previous convictions are with knives and machetes, lashing out at his girlfriend with a samurai sword slashing all over, attacking innocent people in a public place and service 6 years for it. This man hid behind self defence and the case was not actually closed a revenge attack. The person who entered was invited and actually made a phone call to say he was attending. The alleged gun found is where he told police it would be! Don't you find this odd. This man is evil and calculated. This is not to take away your case where this man has burst into your home, that is a totally different case and the self defence is afforded to law abiding citizens. I'm sure the jury will acquit if he was under attack. In the case of Quamina I can assure you it wasn't, this man has contributed nothing to society, lives in a 1 bedroom flat in peckham and inflicts misery on people both with drugs and knives.

  4. This man was not acting in self defence. There was no break in and indeed no sign of abreak in. The victim made an appointment to see him and informed him that he was coming over to see him. The victim actually called from his mobile and spoke to the killer for 19 seconds. There was no break in, no guns, it was all made up. How can a dead man defend himself against an alleged robbery, there was no robbery. This man is a cold blooded murderer who killed an innocent young man who had his whole life to live for. The man has several convictions in relation to knife crime range from swords, to machete. Lives in one of the most deprived parts of London in a one bed room flat what would he have to rob, think about it. The police went to arrest him 2 days later when they knew who he was. This is a case where it needs to go back to court for a re trial as what the killer claimed happened did not and would be impossible to have done. Quamina is a liar and cold blooded murderer. Your husband I'm sure does not fall into this category and sure that the Jury will see through this. If they can acquit this killer Quamina with all his lies and previous convictions, the judiciary here will not even let him stand trial.