Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Innocent British Family In Despair Over Obscene British Self Defense Laws

We received an email regarding yesterday’s blog, "Another Englishman Is On Trial For Killing A Gun Carrying Burglar." That man was acquitted yesterday.

The email comment to our blog  was from the wife of another British subject who has been swept up in Britain's terrible self defense laws that protect criminals who invade the privacy of  Brit's homes. He too will be facing trial for killing a man who invaded his home.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

His wife's email is posted below the "Support Roberto Ranieri" Facebook page shown below that has been set up in Britain.

"Roberto Ranieri, 45, of Andover, Hampshire, is awaiting trial having been charged with the murder of Steven Griffiths, 38.

Roberto was protecting his wife and four children in their home, from an intruder.

Roberto did not intend to cause harm, let alone take life. He just wanted to protect his family. He should not be locked up for doing what every husband and father would do when scared that harm will come to their family.

Here's her email:

"My husband is also on trial at the moment. He was charged with murder after a man burst into our house, intent on causing harm. We are hoping that he will be acquitted next week.
The state of the self-defence laws in Britain are horrendous. Our family has been torn apart by this and will never be the same again, whatever happens."

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For General Information, Call: (202) 307-9100

DAVIDSON, DavidName:  DAVIDSON, DavidOffense(s):  Felon in Possession of a FirearmArmed and Dangerous
Date of Warrant:  May 06, 1999
Point of Contact:  DUSM Paul Schmieder (603) 225-1632

KARATHANASIS, KostantinosName:  KARATHANASIS, KostantinosOffense(s):  Failure to Appear (Procure Prostitution and Felonious Sexual Assault to a Minor)
Date of Warrant:  January 05, 2004
Point of Contact:  DUSM Jamie Berry (603) 225-1632

SUAREZ, RobertoName:  SUAREZ, RobertoOffense(s): Bail Violation (Passport Fraud)
Date of Warrant: February 26, 2003
Point of Contact:  DUSM Brian Hughes (603) 225-1632

KELLEY, GenevieveName:  KELLEY, GenevieveOffense(s):  Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution, Non-Custodial Kidnapping

Date of Warrant:  March 10, 2006

Point of Contact:  DUSM Ken Nunes (603) 225-1632

Scott KELLEYName:  KELLEY, ScottOffense(s):  Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution, Non-Custodial Kidnapping
Date of Warrant:  March 10, 2006
Point of Contact:  DUSM Ken Nunes (603) 225-1632

HILL, JamesName:  HILL, JamesOffense(s):  Arson - Residence
Approach with Caution

Date of Warrant:  May 11, 1998
Point of Contact:  DUSM Jeffrey White (603) 225-1632

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  1. Thank you.

    My husband was acquitted of all charges on March 9th, at 2:30pm. The Jury deliberated for just over one and a half hours.

    It is wonderful that my husband is free. But there are others awaiting trial for the same kind of thing. It is very wrong.

    The self-defence laws in Britain really need to be sorted out. My husband should never have been charged in the first place. Burglars and intruders are the ones with the rights, not the householders.