Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Armed Robber Loses His Gun And Is Killed With It

Three men wearing ski masks waited outside a Romulus, Michigan mini market. They waited until two customers that they had seen in the parking lot, a man and a woman, entered the store.

The men followed them in and drew guns. A store employee was ordered to get on the floor. Another was led into the office with a gun pointed at his head. The fiancé of the man who entered the store was also told to get on the floor. Her fiancé begged the men not to kill her. He got into a struggle with one of the armed robbers, Scott Robinson, took his gun, and shot him twice, killing him.

The two surviving robbers drove off. Police found the getaway car, and just missed catching the occupants. The surviving robbers were black males medium build and wore winter coats and dark clothing. The store had been robbed previously.

And, here are three stories with happy endings from Florida:

A Ocoee car dealer who owns a lot on Old Winter Garden Road was pistol whipped in his driveway when he was confronted by two masked men after arriving home from work. They were trying to take the businessman’s daily cash. The car dealer had seen a suspicious older Ford Explorer parked near his house.

Dave Henry, the business man, is a licensed concealed handgun permit holder. And, he put his handgun to good use when he drew the sidearm and killed one of the robbers. Henry was also wounded by a shot from a robber, but is recovering.

In Stuart Beach, Florida:

Retired cop Charles Cassidy confronted a home invader last Saturday in Stuart, Florida. His wife was awakened by a sound in the house around 5 a.m. She woke Charles up and he got his 9mm.

He told Senewa Kahle to stop because he held a gun on the intruder. Kahle walked toward Cassidy and the householder shot him.

Kahle was found by deputies as he hid in a neighbor’s bushes. He carried a knife and had a bullet wound. His getaway driver was also caught. Kahle will be charged with burglary and his friend will also be charged with burglary and drug paraphernalia possession.

Also in Florida:

A Jacksonville teenage burglar inadvertently tangled with the neighbor of his intended victim. Norman Aubin saw the home invader jump over his neighbor’s fence. Thinking this was suspicious, he took his .40 caliber with him to see what the youth was up to.

What he found was the burglar with an armful of property from the home he broke into. When the burglar was told to drop the things, he slammed the door shut instead.

Mr. Aubin confronted the burglar after he literally broke out of the house, and fired at the home invader. The nineteen year old was arrested when police arrived in minutes when seconds counted. Police said that Aubin’s actions were dangerous, but not illegal. The teen already was wanted for a previous burglary.

Firearms Accessories

406 443 2000 CRIMESTOPPERS

/ Theft/Assault
Derick Lee Perry
Race: White

DOB: 01/15/86

5ft 6in
Weight:135 pounds


Eyes: Hazel


Kenneth Lewis Cranmer
Sex: Mal
race: Hispanic

21 DOB 03/03/1989



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