Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Burglar Sets His Crime Scene On Fire... Blaze Kills him

A California Burglar set the scene of the crime on fire, and the fire killed him. He burglarized the Brothers market in Tulare at 3 a.m several days ago. 

Neighbors called in the fire department. When firemen got there the back part of the store was fully engulfed in flames. When the fire was put out, firemen found the body of Juan Gabriel Gonzalez.

He entered the store through the roof, and burglarized the place, set the fire, but apparently couldn’t get out. Firemen said that the fire was intentionally set.

In Memphis:
The ex-husband of a woman had gone to his former wife’s house to help her with some tree trimming. He was about to get his saw out of his car when he was approached by a 17 year old who was going to rob him.
        The teenager demanded his wallet, and the man told him no. The robber pulled his gun on him. The intended victim had a concealed handgun permit and a handgun. He shot the teenager in the chest. He was in critical condition at last report. The woman believed that if the ex-husband had not been there, then the robber would have targeted her. 

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Trooper Johnny Rush Bowman

Anyone with information is asked to contact Virginia State Police:  
1-800-572-2260 or 1-540-829-7400.

Trooper Johnny Bowman

Anyone with information is asked to contact 
Virginia State Police:  
1-800-572-2260 or 1-540-829-7400.

Unknown Murder Suspect
Unknown Murder Suspect
Composite sketch from 1996
Wanted for the murder and abduction of
Alicia Showalte

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