Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ghana Armed Robber Wears A Charm That Makes Him Bulletproof And Asks Friend To Test It

There has been no shortage of news reports of strange criminal behavior with happy endings this week. And, today is no different.

For example:

A 26 year old Ghana armed robber sincerely believed that he had a magic charm that would make him bullet proof. He and a friend tested the theory at a friend’s house. The man with the charm was apparently a career criminal. He told a friend to shoot him to show that he had the juju to keep him from being harmed by the bullet.

He was wearing the strange looking talisman when police found his body. There were other odd objects tied to his body. The friend who shot him first told police that it was a suicide, but later admitted that they would shoot at each other before going out to commit robberies. The dead man is currently on ice at the Mampong Mortuary.  

And, a pair of Connecticut armed robbers called the bank ahead of time to make sure the robbery would go smoothly.

Albert Bailey and a teenage accomplice wanted to speed things up in the robbery that they planned in Fairfield Connecticut. So, they called the bank ahead of time and told them to get the money ready because they were coming.

They asked for large bills in the amount of $100,000.00 to be ready. They warned there would be a blood bath if their take out order was not ready for them.

The bank went on lock down and 911 was called. But, the teenage robber was giving a teller a hold up note as the bank called 911. He received $900.00 and asked to be let out of the bank. However, police had arrived by that time. An officer told him to stop, but the teen ran to the car where bailey was waiting. The robbers asked for a bag of money without an exploding dye pack, but the teen got a bag that exploded when they threw it on the ground.

They will be charged with threatening in the first degree and first degree robbery. The older man was on probation for another bank robbery.

In Oklahoma:

A Tulsa woman fought back with her handgun when a home invader kicked her front door open early this week. The man first rang the doorbell several times. After no one answered the door, he kicked it in.
The householder fired her handgun once in his direction. That was enough to make the burglar run off.  The home invader was black, about 6 feet tall, and was wearing a red baseball cap and a red and blue jacket.

Firearms Accessories


Derek Sherrod
Name: Derek Sherrod  
DOB: 03/31/1981 
Last Known Address: 309 Ivy Street,  El Dorado

Race: B Sex: M  Height: 5'04"  Weight:145
CHARGES: Aggravated Assault, Leaving the Scene of an Accident
with Property Damage, Driving on Suspended License and Fleeing-(Vehicle) & (Foot)

Contact: Sgt. Jaime Morrow  (870) 881-4810 or
Detective William Shorter (870) 881-4811

Randy Glover
Name: Randy A. Glover
DOB: 11/11/64 
Last Known Address: 1327 E. Cook /601 Nelson /
1333 E. Cook ,   El Dorado 
Race: B Sex: M  Height: 6'01"   Weight: 260
CHARGES: Domestic Battery-3rd (Felony)

Contact: Detective Todd Surber   (870) 881-4813

Tracy L. Davis 
Name: Tracy L. Davis
DOB: 9/10/75
Last Known Address: 2007 E. Cook  El Dorado, AR.  
Race: B Sex: M  Height:    Weight:
Charges: Theft by Receiving
Contact (870) 881-4810
Chase Alexander 
Name: Chase Alexander
DOB: 11/04/84
Last Known Address: 2714 Mount Holly Hwy.  Smackover, AR  
Race: W Sex: M  Height: 5'10"   Weight: 184
Charges: Fraudulent Use of a Credit/Debit Card
Contact (870) 881-4810

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