Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Do Gun Free California Joggers Fight Off Attackers? They Jump Off A Cliff.

In looking for alternatives to citizens carrying guns and shooting attackers, anti gun groups suggest that potential victims can do the following.

A man tried to sexually assault a jogger in a South California State park. The woman had just finished running. A man tried to grab her as she stood next to the edge of a cliff. She struggled with the attacker and was able to break loose from his grip. She ran and jumped off the cliff. She slid about one hundred feet down the steep Cliffside. She was treated for cuts, bruises and scrapes at a local hospital. The attack took place in Malibu  at Point Dume State Beach. The attacker got away in the woman's car.

You can always bite of your attacker's ear.

A man was cleared of aggravated battery in a McHenry County Court trial. It stemmed from a June, 2009 altercation where the man bit off chunks of an attacker's ear. The two sides stipulated to a set of facts and asked a judge whether or not a crime was committed. Judge Joseph Condon read the police report and heard from several witnesses who supported the story of James A. Edwards that he acted in self defense. They said that the "victim" was the aggressor. Edwards believed that the attacker was going to blind him when he gouged at his eyes, so he bit his ear. Police found pieces of the ear, but they could not be reattached.

Try Using a rolled up magazine.

Or, you can do what a Karate Master suggests. Use a rolled up magazine as the man in the video below shows. 

But, to the chagrin of the anti gunners, many people defend themselves the old fashioned way, with a handgun. An 82 year old Sierra Vista, Arizona whom was at a Walmart a man began beating her with her own cane until she could put her hand on her handgun that was in her purse. She opened fire at the startled thug, but missed him. She spent a few days in the hospital. Stephen Pickett is spending some time in jail after being charged with attempted murder.

In the strange perverse world of criminal minds:

Police in Victoria, Australia are looking for a home invader that they believe has broken into a series of homes there. His M.O. is to steal cell phones and to send obscene pictures of himself to women listed in the phone as contacts. Some of the contacts have been kids. The Police want to have a chat with Shane Williams, the alleged burglar, and have released his picture.
Police want to speak to Shane Willis in relation to the investigation. (AAP)
Shane Williams

Firearms Accessories

Wanted For Burglary Third Degree

Suspect: Ronald Welford
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: 38
Date of Birth: 01-05-71

Suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. 
Do not attempt to apprehend this suspect yourself. 
If seen, immediately contact your local police department.

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