Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Washington Medical Marijuana Grower Shoots A Robber Who Entered His Home

A legal medical marijuana provider in Kirkland, Washington was shot by a would be robber at the residence where his marijuana was grown and sold legally. But, the cultivator, who is state licensed to grow marijuana, managed to shoot one of the home invaders. This is the second incident at the same house since January. Steve Surich chased off other home invaders with gunfire. The cost of business is escalating for Mr. Surich.

Mr.  Surich was in a gun fight with a local teenager who had invaded his home this time. The youth was hit multiple times. Mr. Surich was treated for minor gunshot wounds.

The homeowner was awakened by his dog and found two men in his home. Shots were exchanged, and the home invaders fled. The teenager who was shot flagged down a car. His wounds were serious. Two other people fled in a car. He and another were arrested. Four people could have been involved in the crime.

1,000 plus plants were taken by police in a raid at the Surich home several years ago, but no charges were ever filed. Police said that amount was excessive for medical use. State law was amended a year later and now allows possession of 15 plants and 24 ounces of marijuana for legal medical use.

In Ohio:

A Toledo armed robber went into Bengal’s Food Market, showed a handgun,  and demanded their cash. He was disguised by wearing a wig. But what he received was a ride in the coroner’s van after being killed by the clerk he was trying to rob. Police are reviewing the store’s surveillance tapes.
This was the second time since Friday that a Toledo armed robber has been shot at a local business.

In Virginia:

A home invader was shot by a householder as he broke into a home. He had forced his way inside the house and attacked a woman resident and her Grandson. The Grandson shot the home invader after his Grandmother was knocked to the floor by the thug. The Grandson shot the home invader in the lower torso which caused him to drop to the floor.

The Grandmother did not know the assailant, but the Grandson said that he had met him before.
Charges will not be filed against the home invader until he has been questioned and is stable at the hospital.


Name: John Patrick Perry
DOB: 01-16-1973
Race: White
Sex: Male
Hgt: 6'00"
Wgt: 183
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Wanted by St. Lucie County Police for 
and Sexual Battery. St. Lucie County 
warrant 1-02-006435.

Name: William Tune
 DOB: April 24, 1937 
April 24, 1935 Race: 
Black Sex: Male Hgt: 67" 
Wgt: 167 Hair: Black Eyes: Brown 
Complexion: Dark SMT: 
Small Mustache, Stocky Build 
Operators: State Of Maryland 
NIC: W192456756 
SSN: 469-65-6677 
469-56-6677 FBI: 906006B SID: Alias: Tom Holmes,
 Herman Edward Tunna, William R Tune, James Arthur Lockhart, 
James Locke, William Russell Tune, Bill Tune. 
Authority: Mount Olive Correctional Complex, 
Mount Olive, WV William Tune Is Wanted For Escape,
To Be Considered Armed And Dangerous. If You Have 
Any Information Contact Lori Burford, 304-442-7213. 

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