Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Police Officer Jumped and Kicked By Two Men- Attack Recorded On Dash Video

An Ohio policeman is recovering from an attack and injuries inflicted by a motorist and his brother. The attack was captured on the police car’s dash camera. Sgt. Jason Davis and an officer in another unit were responding to an unsafe driving call for the motorist’s truck. Davis turned on his overheads and his video camera and the driver pulled into a speedway station. The other officer went on to answer another call. The motorist’s brother also pulled into the gas station.

Based on his observations of the driver, Davis tried to administer a roadside sobriety test and the driver refused.  The officer called for a back-up, but the call did not go through. The man’s brother, who arrived, initially tried to calm the man being questioned. The officer concentrated on the argumentative driver.
The officer believed he was in danger by the man’s actions and he used his stun gun on him. The brother grabbed the officer from the back around the neck and threw him to the ground. Both brothers hit and stomped the policeman until two good Samaritans arrived and stopped the attack.

Both men are charged with felonious assault and have a $100,000 bond. See the video below.

Meanwhile, in Detroit:

A pizza delivery driver was approached by three men and one pulled a handgun Sunday night. The driver pulled his own handgun and killed the armed robber. The other two men ran away. The driver had a concealed handgun carry permit.

And, in Louisiana:

Two men tried to rob a jewelry store, but the owner shot and seriously wounded the masked man who was trying to rob him. The men entered the store and smashed display cases. A man checked into a hospital shortly after the shooting with a gunshot wound. He is believed to be the robber who was shot.
The other robber has not been captured yet. 


Hazel L. Head
Status: Active
DOB 12-19-1949
Wanted for: First-degree murder

Randall S. Spicer
Status: Active
DOB 05-22-1962
Wanted for: Forgery and unauthorized use of an access device.

Jason Lewis
Status: Active
Last known address: 2400 block of Hoyer St. Bossier City, LA Wanted for Failure to Complete Sex Offender Registration

Robert M. Smith
Status: Active
Last known address: 2600 block of Horacek Rd. Haughton, La. Wanted for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Billy J. Huckaby
Status: Active
Last known address: 409 Riverside Bossier City, LA Wanted for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

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