Thursday, March 10, 2011

911 Call From Burglar Shows That He's Afraid The Homeowner Will Shoot Him

An Elverta resident's sign makes a simple statement to any would-be crooks.

Timothy Chapek was taking a leisurely shower in Portland, Oregon, when he heard an intruder enter the home. He was surprised as a woman with two German Shepherds entered the home. The problem was that Chapek had allegedly broken into the house and was making himself just a little too much at home.

Chapek was afraid that the homeowner was armed. He locked himself in the bathroom and called 911, fearing that he would be shot. The homeowner made her own 911 call. Chapek was arrested and was charged with first degree criminal trespass.
Here are the burglar's and the homeowner's 911 calls:
UPDATE: Timothy was allegedly a Parole Violator, but was released on personal recognizance at his arraignment. But, he apparently did not show up for his appointed Court date for this case. Must have been having a shower, drinking a beer, and cooking up lunch  at someone else's house.

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  1. Just a couple points on Obama’s call for Federal control over every gun transaction:

    Bear in mind that that this in yet ANOTHER “commonsense” Disarmament initiative designed to be the foundation to Registration system.

    Once they fooled enough people to once again go along with such a measure they will simply collect sales information in a database and Hello! Registration.

    As soon as they’ve achieved this, all they need is another excuse to require people to register their guns that may not be in the database and confirm the information already in the database.

    Meanwhile subjecting people to yet another bureaucratic hoop to jump though in their ongoing quest to disarm the law-abiding.

    In addition, never forget that if the government is granting you “Permission” to defend yourself, they can easily withdraw that permission and “Recall” your private property and have it melted down.