Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remember When You Could Buy These Firearms By Mail Order Before The Gun Control Act of 1968?

Prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968, you could buy almost any firearm that struck your fancy by mail order.
Many of us received copies of gun and outdoors magazines back then. In addition to being chocked full of interesting articles on hunting, the history, use, and maintenance of your firearms, you could buy guns directly by mail from a host of gun dealers who advertised in these magazines. Pay the price and the shipping and your gun would be delivered directly to your home by an agent of the United States Government, the postman.

 We have pictured here an assortment of mail order firearm advertisements from 1964 to 1967. Its amazing what $24.00 to $39.00 or so could bring to your door. Or, try this one. For a little more, how about an M1 Garand direct to your door for $79.99 plus $1.00 postage? These ads will be a shocker to anyone who doesn't know about the freedom of mail order back then. They will be nostalgic and painful for those of us who miss those salad days.

The only requirements to buy by mail were that you be over 18 years of age and fill out the following form.
Send the form to your mail order dealer and wait for it to arrive in the comfort of your home.

Here's the form that the NRA suggested you send in with your mail order.

"Please send this Coupon, properly filled in, with your order for any cartridge firearm.
      Name of RIFLEMAN advertiser

I certify that I am 18 years or more of age; that I have never been convicted of a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment for a term exceeding one year- that I am not a fugitive from justice; that I am not a mental incompetent, a drug addict or an adjudged drunkard- and that I am not prohibited from legally acquiring a firearm by state or local laws."

Signature                                        (date)

Here's what a few dollars would bring to your door back then.

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                           A nice P 08 Luger for $49.95
    Have the moon clips? Get the .45 ACP revolver for just $44.95.
                   Could you spare $65.00 for one of these originals?
        The Germans wanted the Geneva Convention to ban them.
        The dynamic Duo of WWII, Korea, and early Viet Nam
          A .303 Jungle Carbine that kicks like a "mule"          
          Here's a little less expensive M1 carbine for $58.95.
     A 1903 Springfield above. You could get an 03-A3 for $39.95 too
    How about a Luftwaffe favorite Astra Model 600 (holster extra)? 
    Or, a scoped Enfield Mk 4 for $79.00? 
                         Norwegian Licensed Colt 1911 for $50.00
              Or, this "Arctic" marked K98 Mauser for under $30.00.
                          Here's your Garand for $79.99 + $1.00 postage
           Heckler and Koch G3 .308 semiautomatic rifle for $225.00
           Throw in another $29.95 and get a bipod.
           When you factor in inflation, the $225.00 you would spend on
           this G3 in 1967 would have the buying power of about
           $1,476.85 today.


  1. I remember those ads. It was a free country then.

  2. Only a complete fag would be so terrified of the world that he'd need instant access to tons o' guns.

  3. Only a liberal-progressive troll would be so terrified of guns and conservatives that it would feel compelled to post moronic comments.

  4. @anonymous= moron to the extreme.

  5. From anonymous "Only a complete fag would be so terrified of the world that he'd need instant access to tons o' guns. "

    Guns are a tool you need in an EMERGENCY. Would you lock up all the fire extinguishers because college kids were squirting them at each other? For nearly 200 years guns were easily accessed by anyone for any need. If you committed some non-capital crime, your freedoms were taken away until you released. At which time you once again FREE and your personal property was returned to you, even if that included guns. Now, I know that this is a difficult concept for you to perceive, but limiting the rights of law abiding citizens does NOTHING to make you safer.

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