Friday, March 23, 2012

Starbucks Boycotters Are Like Fleas Biting An Elephant

A fairly new anti firearms rights group that organized a boycott of Starbucks because of their neutral policy about firearms carry in their stores is claiming "success" of their “boycott” of the stores. The group’s leader claims that after just 5 weeks into the boycott, over 2,000 loyal, long term Starbucks customers have stopped spending money there. He said that each of the “boycotters” have cost the chain $71.00 per month, or about $142.000 per month.

Not too impressive because as of 2007, there were between 4  and 5 million daily customers frequenting Starbucks. That’s 33 million weekly customers. There are more now. But the "success" claim is only fodder for their fundraising website. 
But, what’s more telling is that Starbucks Annual report to stockholders reported sales revenue in 2011 of

$11.7 billion, with gross income of net income of $6.23 billion, and NET INCOME of $1.25 Billion.

The group’s leader says the “boycotters” are repulsed by Starbucks support of the “NRA’s Lethal Pro Gun Agenda” and that their effort has just begun.

The boycott has cost Starbucks essentially nothing.

Starbuck’s stock price on the day the so called “boycott” began on February 14, 2012 was $49.36 Their stock price as of 03/22/2012 was $54.91, a net increase of $5.55 per share.
 Who are these people trying to kid? 

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