Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Homeowners (4)... Home Invaders (0)

A Jackson, Mississippi auto salvage yard owner found a man on the property who was up to no good. He told him to leave. Instead, the intruder charged at him with a double edged “sling blade,” normally used for brush cutting.

Masoud Bayati, the owner, apparently keeps a shotgun hidden in the grass by his car for such emergencies. He has had crime problems in the past on the property and keeps a handgun and a shotgun handy. He picked up the shotgun and shot the man as the man ran at him with the cutting tool. 48 year old Curtis Wright was hit in the leg by the blast. He will be charged with Grand larceny on release from the hospital.

In Maryland:

A Baltimore homeowner was awakened by a man in his bedroom, pointing a gun at him and demanding cash. But, William Bozman, Sr responded by getting his own gun and telling the home invader to drop his. But, this intruder started coming at Bozman, so, Bozman fired, killing the man who fell onto him.

Marvin Cook, Jr. had been convicted of attempted murder eight years ago, and had a long criminal history.

And, in gun free Chicago, police protecting their own homes did what the average Windy City Resident can’t do. They shot their home invaders.

A burglar picked the house of an off duty Lincoln County Deputy Sunday morning. The deputy heard a noise in his home and went to see what was happening. He was afraid for himself and his two children who were there.  

The home invader was shot inside the home, but managed to  run off, but he dropped in the yard. The Deputy got a paid two week leave after the shooting, which is typical in police shootings. The dead man had an arrest record of burglary convictions.

And also in Chicago:

Another home invader was shot Friday by another Illinois cop’s  in the cop’s home. The off duty officer shot the man inside the residence as he reached into his pocket as if he were going for a gun. He managed to run off. When confronted by police, he told them he had been shot in a drive by, but the bullet taken from his body matched the officer’s gun.

Career criminal Lamont Ferdinand used crutches as he limped into Court. Ferdinand was already a three time loser and was on parole. He will be charged with aggravated assault on an officer and burglary.  

He is unable to post his $100,000.00 bond.



Wanted by the Beaufort County 
Office for:

WARRANT: H-915970 & H-915971
DOB(S): 01/04/1970 HEIGHT: 6’00”
SSN: ***-**-**** WEIGHT: 155 LBS
SC DL: 011236396 HAIR: BLACK
 LOT 92,
 BURTON SC 29906

If you have any information regarding this suspect, contact 
the SSgt. G. White @
470-3225 or the Beaufort County Dispatch at (843)524-2777.

WARRANT: M055703,M055705,M055704,M055702,M055700,
DOB(S): 07/15/1976 HEIGHT: 5’06
SSN: ***-**-4467 WEIGHT: 160 LBS
SC DL: 090265460 HAIR: BLK
If you have any information regarding this suspect, contact 
Investigator B. BAIRD
@ (843) 470-3211 or Beaufort County Dispatch at (843)524-2777.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ghana Armed Robber Wears A Charm That Makes Him Bulletproof And Asks Friend To Test It

There has been no shortage of news reports of strange criminal behavior with happy endings this week. And, today is no different.

For example:

A 26 year old Ghana armed robber sincerely believed that he had a magic charm that would make him bullet proof. He and a friend tested the theory at a friend’s house. The man with the charm was apparently a career criminal. He told a friend to shoot him to show that he had the juju to keep him from being harmed by the bullet.

He was wearing the strange looking talisman when police found his body. There were other odd objects tied to his body. The friend who shot him first told police that it was a suicide, but later admitted that they would shoot at each other before going out to commit robberies. The dead man is currently on ice at the Mampong Mortuary.  

And, a pair of Connecticut armed robbers called the bank ahead of time to make sure the robbery would go smoothly.

Albert Bailey and a teenage accomplice wanted to speed things up in the robbery that they planned in Fairfield Connecticut. So, they called the bank ahead of time and told them to get the money ready because they were coming.

They asked for large bills in the amount of $100,000.00 to be ready. They warned there would be a blood bath if their take out order was not ready for them.

The bank went on lock down and 911 was called. But, the teenage robber was giving a teller a hold up note as the bank called 911. He received $900.00 and asked to be let out of the bank. However, police had arrived by that time. An officer told him to stop, but the teen ran to the car where bailey was waiting. The robbers asked for a bag of money without an exploding dye pack, but the teen got a bag that exploded when they threw it on the ground.

They will be charged with threatening in the first degree and first degree robbery. The older man was on probation for another bank robbery.

In Oklahoma:

A Tulsa woman fought back with her handgun when a home invader kicked her front door open early this week. The man first rang the doorbell several times. After no one answered the door, he kicked it in.
The householder fired her handgun once in his direction. That was enough to make the burglar run off.  The home invader was black, about 6 feet tall, and was wearing a red baseball cap and a red and blue jacket.

Firearms Accessories


Derek Sherrod
Name: Derek Sherrod  
DOB: 03/31/1981 
Last Known Address: 309 Ivy Street,  El Dorado

Race: B Sex: M  Height: 5'04"  Weight:145
CHARGES: Aggravated Assault, Leaving the Scene of an Accident
with Property Damage, Driving on Suspended License and Fleeing-(Vehicle) & (Foot)

Contact: Sgt. Jaime Morrow  (870) 881-4810 or
Detective William Shorter (870) 881-4811

Randy Glover
Name: Randy A. Glover
DOB: 11/11/64 
Last Known Address: 1327 E. Cook /601 Nelson /
1333 E. Cook ,   El Dorado 
Race: B Sex: M  Height: 6'01"   Weight: 260
CHARGES: Domestic Battery-3rd (Felony)

Contact: Detective Todd Surber   (870) 881-4813

Tracy L. Davis 
Name: Tracy L. Davis
DOB: 9/10/75
Last Known Address: 2007 E. Cook  El Dorado, AR.  
Race: B Sex: M  Height:    Weight:
Charges: Theft by Receiving
Contact (870) 881-4810
Chase Alexander 
Name: Chase Alexander
DOB: 11/04/84
Last Known Address: 2714 Mount Holly Hwy.  Smackover, AR  
Race: W Sex: M  Height: 5'10"   Weight: 184
Charges: Fraudulent Use of a Credit/Debit Card
Contact (870) 881-4810

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Florida Killer Gets 15 Years For Breaking Back Into Jail

A Florida man released from prison feared his victim’s family so much that he tried to break back into jail. Sylvester Jiles had a plea deal where he would get eight years probation for the manslaughter death of Dustin Prouse. He was released from jail after being sentenced to the probation.

He voluntarily went back to the jail several days after the release and pled with deputies to take him back in. He was afraid that Prouse’s relatives would retaliate against him. Deputies told him no. He was told to file a police report instead. Jiles panicked and tried to climb the twelve foot high razor wire fence to get back into the jail.

He got his wish by doing it his way. He received severe cuts from the fence and 15 years in prison for violating his probation, a conviction of breaking into the jail, and resisting arrest.

In California:

An 85 year old Sacramento man took action when he heard someone breaking into his garage. He took a handgun that he had owned for years and fired a warning shot into the air. The burglar ran off. Police urged the man to call 911 in the future and not to take the law into his own hands

And elsewhere in California:

The late Kyle Johnson and a seventeen year old went into a Modesto liquor store and tried a robbery. They both had guns and wore masks. But, the clerk drew his own sidearm and shot Johnson dead. The seventeen year old struggled with the clerk after the shooting but escaped. He was caught later. The surviving robber will be charged with attempted robbery and felony murder for the death of Johnson, which was done by the clerk as a result of the of the felony robbery’s commission.

After the latest killing of the Modesto armed robber, officials at the police department, which arrived in minutes when seconds count, urged store clerks to obey the orders of robbers. They would rather clerks be good witnesses and remember descriptions and distinguishing features of the thugs such as tattoos.  Police also warned about clerk’s possible “liability” when they arm themselves. 

Firearms Accessories


Nacho Garcia Hinojosa
Anyone with information as to Hinojosa Hinojosa's 
whereabouts is urged to call LVMPD homicide at 
229-3521 or Secret Witness at 385-5555. 
A reward of up to $1,000 is offered for information 
leading to Hinojosa arrest.
  • Alias: Jorge Garcia Hinojosa
  • Description: Hispanic Male
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Age: 24
  • Hair: Dark brown, shoulder length
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Distinguishing marks: large tattoo of a bird or 
  • an angel on his left upper arm

  • Wanted by LVMPD for: Attempted Murder 
    with a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer; 
    and one count of Attempted Murder with 
    a Deadly Weapon.
    Juvenal Sandoval
    Anyone with information as to Sandoval's location is urged to 
    call Secret Witness at 385-5555 or Metro Homicide at 229-3521.
    • Description:Hispanic Male
    • Height: 6' 2" to 6' 4"
    • Weight: 190 lbs
    • Age: 27
    • Hair: short dark curly hair with mustache
    • Wanted by LVMPD for: Two counts of Murder 
    • with a Deadly Weapon

    • Hector Horacio Rodriguez
      • Description: Hispanic Male
      • Hair: Black
      • Eyes: Brown
      • Age: 58
      • DOB: 3-21-1949
      • Height: 5'7"
      • Weight: 170 lbs
      Hector Horacio Rodriguez is wanted for murder 
      with a deadly weapon - firearm. Subject missing 
      top front teeth. Likes to frequent cock fighter and 
      horse ranches. Subject is armed and dangerous.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Do Gun Free California Joggers Fight Off Attackers? They Jump Off A Cliff.

In looking for alternatives to citizens carrying guns and shooting attackers, anti gun groups suggest that potential victims can do the following.

A man tried to sexually assault a jogger in a South California State park. The woman had just finished running. A man tried to grab her as she stood next to the edge of a cliff. She struggled with the attacker and was able to break loose from his grip. She ran and jumped off the cliff. She slid about one hundred feet down the steep Cliffside. She was treated for cuts, bruises and scrapes at a local hospital. The attack took place in Malibu  at Point Dume State Beach. The attacker got away in the woman's car.

You can always bite of your attacker's ear.

A man was cleared of aggravated battery in a McHenry County Court trial. It stemmed from a June, 2009 altercation where the man bit off chunks of an attacker's ear. The two sides stipulated to a set of facts and asked a judge whether or not a crime was committed. Judge Joseph Condon read the police report and heard from several witnesses who supported the story of James A. Edwards that he acted in self defense. They said that the "victim" was the aggressor. Edwards believed that the attacker was going to blind him when he gouged at his eyes, so he bit his ear. Police found pieces of the ear, but they could not be reattached.

Try Using a rolled up magazine.

Or, you can do what a Karate Master suggests. Use a rolled up magazine as the man in the video below shows. 

But, to the chagrin of the anti gunners, many people defend themselves the old fashioned way, with a handgun. An 82 year old Sierra Vista, Arizona whom was at a Walmart a man began beating her with her own cane until she could put her hand on her handgun that was in her purse. She opened fire at the startled thug, but missed him. She spent a few days in the hospital. Stephen Pickett is spending some time in jail after being charged with attempted murder.

In the strange perverse world of criminal minds:

Police in Victoria, Australia are looking for a home invader that they believe has broken into a series of homes there. His M.O. is to steal cell phones and to send obscene pictures of himself to women listed in the phone as contacts. Some of the contacts have been kids. The Police want to have a chat with Shane Williams, the alleged burglar, and have released his picture.
Police want to speak to Shane Willis in relation to the investigation. (AAP)
Shane Williams

Firearms Accessories

Wanted For Burglary Third Degree

Suspect: Ronald Welford
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: 38
Date of Birth: 01-05-71

Suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. 
Do not attempt to apprehend this suspect yourself. 
If seen, immediately contact your local police department.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Burglar Busted By Surfing For Porn On Victim’s Computer

We report with a fair amount of regularity about criminals who either cook themselves a meal, drink beer, and shower at the scene of a burglary, or who are tracked down after they log into the burglary victim’s computer. And, it has happened again.  

A 17 year old burglar was busted when it was discovered that he spent 5 hours on a store’s computer during his break in. He visited his MySpace page and surfed for porn. Investigators and employees at the Bella Office Furniture location in Kennewick, Washington were surprised when they  found everything they needed on the office computer for police to arrest the teenager. He will be charged with first degree burglary.

There has always been a number of other stories about inept criminals. They never let us down. The teenager above  joins the ranks of these bungling burglars below.

There was the man who needed to eat and have a place to sleep when he broke into a Lake City Florida home, ate from the refrigerator, took a shower, and watched TV. He was caught walking around in the house in the nude by the police after the surprised homeowner called 911. Giving the police response due credit for a fast arrival, they looked in the window and saw the home invader walking around naked inside the house.  He was arrested.

And, another burglar broke into a church and took one of the church’s DVD players into the basement. He watched a pornographic movie he brought with him and slept until police arrived and was arrested.  

19 year old Stephan Crane broke into the offices of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper in Montana this year.  He came in through a window after hours because he always wanted to know what was inside the newspaper’s office. It would have been easier to have just asked.

Crane used the newspaper’s computers to view pornography. He also took the time to log into his Facebook and MySpace accounts. When he was finished, he sprayed a fire extinguisher around the room and then left a trail behind. He had stolen M&Ms and trail mix at the office, and left a trail of dropped snacks all the way to his sister’s apartment which was across the way from the newspaper’s office.

There was also the story about two teenage car burglars who accidentally called 911 on their cell phone as they were breaking into cars in Daytona Beach, Florida. They were discussing what was worth stealing and what should be left behind. They were captured by police.

And, of course, there have been two home invaders who were killed so far in the last six months by householders with samurai swords in separate burglary attempts.  But, we have lost count of the number of burglars who have shot themselves or who lost their guns to their victims and were killed by their victims in the last year.  

In Manatee, Florida:

A householder was awakened by a home invader. Late last week Joseph Tynes cut a screen in a swimming pool enclosure and let himself into the home. He took a collector’s vase outside and came back inside. He prowled through the garage and went into the householder’s bedroom. The home’s resident grabbed his gun and held the burglar until police arrived in minutes when seconds count. Tynes is charged with theft, burglary, and criminal mischief.   

Suspect: M/H/A/20's/511/175/Brown/Green
Last seen wearing light colored sport jacket, 
white dress shirt, dark dress slacks, eyeglasses
No identifiable tattoos or marks reported.
Synopsis: On 10/12/04 at 1220 hrs. Suspect
enters Bank of America and proceeds to the teller line,
suspect allows other customers to go around him until
all customers were gone. Suspect then approaches teller
and provides her with a demand note, teller gives him
 cash at which time suspect flees on foot.
Any information as to the identity of the suspect
should be reported to 951 955 2600