Monday, March 1, 2010

80 Year Old Burglar Convicted of Another Burglary

Doris Thompson

Talk about a career criminal. 80 year old Doris Thompson has been sentenced to three years in prison in California after being found guilty in another burglary. She has a criminal record that goes back to the days when people were dancing to the music of Bill Haley and the Coasters.

Over the years, she has used 27 aliases. Her arrests were mostly for burglary and small thefts. She has been in jail several times. She could be paroled from her new California home in a year and a half.

In Britain, the most famous "reformed" armed robber/ TV crime show consultant relapses.

Terry Smith, a British armed robber, called himself the “most infamous armed robber.”
His M.O. was to rob guards as they filled English ATMs.

During his last prison stint, he decided to try going straight, and wrote a book called “The Art of Armed Robbery" while in prison and published in 2003.” Publishers called the book the true story of Britain’s most infamous armed robber. He claimed that he reformed while he was in prison.

He worked writing and consulting TV crime programs when he was released from prison.

Apparently book royalties and consulting weren’t enough because he was just found guilty of what else, armed robbery. Of course, creative writing armed robbers need creative defenses at their trials.
Smith’s lawyers used the defense of “literary research” to fight the charges of conspiring to rob and conspiracy to rob. His brother was found not guilty of the same charges.

Prosecutors claim that Smith took over 250,000 English pounds in ATM in one 2007 theft. A British passerby was injured when he tried to stop the robbery, but was hit by one of Smith’s accomplice’s gunfire in Merry Olde Gun free England during the 2007 robbery.

Smith has a history of prison escape.  

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KS Most Wanted Ngoc Nguyen

Ngoc Hy Pham Nguyen

Wanted by the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Department 
and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on charges of 
aggravated robbery and aggravated battery
Asian male, DOB 1-10-78, 5 foot 6 inches, 
125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, 
tattoo of 'ABZ' on right upper forearm, 
known to use the alias of Mickey Nguyen. 
If you have information on Nguyen, call the 
Sedgwick County Sheriff's Department at 
316-383-7362 or the Kansas Bureau of Investigation 
at 1-800 KS CRIME (1-800-572-7463).

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