Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Burglar Busted By Surfing For Porn On Victim’s Computer

We report with a fair amount of regularity about criminals who either cook themselves a meal, drink beer, and shower at the scene of a burglary, or who are tracked down after they log into the burglary victim’s computer. And, it has happened again.  

A 17 year old burglar was busted when it was discovered that he spent 5 hours on a store’s computer during his break in. He visited his MySpace page and surfed for porn. Investigators and employees at the Bella Office Furniture location in Kennewick, Washington were surprised when they  found everything they needed on the office computer for police to arrest the teenager. He will be charged with first degree burglary.

There has always been a number of other stories about inept criminals. They never let us down. The teenager above  joins the ranks of these bungling burglars below.

There was the man who needed to eat and have a place to sleep when he broke into a Lake City Florida home, ate from the refrigerator, took a shower, and watched TV. He was caught walking around in the house in the nude by the police after the surprised homeowner called 911. Giving the police response due credit for a fast arrival, they looked in the window and saw the home invader walking around naked inside the house.  He was arrested.

And, another burglar broke into a church and took one of the church’s DVD players into the basement. He watched a pornographic movie he brought with him and slept until police arrived and was arrested.  

19 year old Stephan Crane broke into the offices of the Ravalli Republic Newspaper in Montana this year.  He came in through a window after hours because he always wanted to know what was inside the newspaper’s office. It would have been easier to have just asked.

Crane used the newspaper’s computers to view pornography. He also took the time to log into his Facebook and MySpace accounts. When he was finished, he sprayed a fire extinguisher around the room and then left a trail behind. He had stolen M&Ms and trail mix at the office, and left a trail of dropped snacks all the way to his sister’s apartment which was across the way from the newspaper’s office.

There was also the story about two teenage car burglars who accidentally called 911 on their cell phone as they were breaking into cars in Daytona Beach, Florida. They were discussing what was worth stealing and what should be left behind. They were captured by police.

And, of course, there have been two home invaders who were killed so far in the last six months by householders with samurai swords in separate burglary attempts.  But, we have lost count of the number of burglars who have shot themselves or who lost their guns to their victims and were killed by their victims in the last year.  

In Manatee, Florida:

A householder was awakened by a home invader. Late last week Joseph Tynes cut a screen in a swimming pool enclosure and let himself into the home. He took a collector’s vase outside and came back inside. He prowled through the garage and went into the householder’s bedroom. The home’s resident grabbed his gun and held the burglar until police arrived in minutes when seconds count. Tynes is charged with theft, burglary, and criminal mischief.   

Suspect: M/H/A/20's/511/175/Brown/Green
Last seen wearing light colored sport jacket, 
white dress shirt, dark dress slacks, eyeglasses
No identifiable tattoos or marks reported.
Synopsis: On 10/12/04 at 1220 hrs. Suspect
enters Bank of America and proceeds to the teller line,
suspect allows other customers to go around him until
all customers were gone. Suspect then approaches teller
and provides her with a demand note, teller gives him
 cash at which time suspect flees on foot.
Any information as to the identity of the suspect
should be reported to 951 955 2600

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