Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long Island Fire Chief and Fireman Arrested For Using Firearms to Threaten A Pedestrian

Police have arrested a Long Island Fire Chief and a firefighter for using firearms to  threaten a man walking on the street. The Hempstead Fire Chief, Michael Charles, and fireman Brian Schruck are accused of vigilantism when they pulled up next to a 29 year old man while they were driving their fire department SUV. There had been a gunfight near the Fire Station, and the Firemen were apparently looking for participants in it. Two people had been wounded. It was a possible gang gunfight.

The Firemen told the man not to move. The Chief and an unknown third person got out of the SUV and patted down and questioned the pedestrian. The Chief had his hand on a holstered handgun on his hip. Schruck stayed in the SUV and pointed a shotgun at the pedestrian. The man was not involved in the gunfight. He was released, and the Chief then identified himself. Police deny that the Firemen were acting under police authority. The police called the actions of the Firemen grossly inappropriate.

Schruck was arrested at a Police station where he was being booked for an unrelated assault. He is charged with hitting a man with a pipe when the man made what Schruck deemed to be inappropriate  remarks to his niece. 
Both firemen face charges of menacing and possession of dangerous weapons.

In Florida:

An armed robber pointed his gun at Store clerk  Samir Al-Madi in Deerfield Beach., Florida at the Snappy Convenience store. The clerk was on the phone when he saw a hooded man come in.

Alexander Brown is accused of drawing his gun and attempting a robbery. But, Al-Madi got his own handgun and shot the hoodie wearing man in the jaw. Al-Madi believed that the man was going to kill him. When Brown tried to get up off the floor, Al-Madi shot him again.

When Brown gets out of the hospital, he will be charged with armed robbery, possession of a firearm by a felon, and possessing an altered firearm. He was released from State Prison a year ago after a burglary conviction.

In Wisconsin:

In a scene reminiscent from the movie “Signs,” where Joaquin Phoenix smacked the head of an alien with a baseball bat, an eighteen year old Madison, Wisconsin young man picked up a baseball bat and hit a burglar.

Jack Yovovich came home and found his back gate unlatched and his door propped open. He knew someone was inside. He picked up an aluminum baseball bat and went into his living room. He saw a home invader with a laptop in his hands. The thug told him he had a gun, but Jack believed that the man looked too scared to be armed.  

As the man ran past Jack, Jack called for his parents. There was a brief scuffle in the house, but as the man tried to run outside, Jack took a swing at the burglar. He hit him in the back of the neck with the bat. The man began arguing with him and said he had a child and had just been laid off. Jack told him to get a job.

As the fight went on, Jack swung again and hit the man in the head, breaking headphones that the home invader was wearing.  
The burglar got away without the computer. But, he did get some cash and an iPod. 

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