Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ireland Considering Awarding Damages To Estate Of Armed Robber Shot While Committing Armed Robbery

Ireland has joined England in considering damages for criminals who are killed while committing violent crimes. There is a history of criminals having more rights than victims in the UK. It is a fact that Criminals have more rights than their victims in England. England has had its share of problems regarding criminals coming into homes and also plying their trade on the street. But, it is easy to see who the law sides with.

A British burglar called police when the victim in the home he broke into shot him with an air rifle.
We received an email from England from a victim of a home burglary not long ago. She said, “My husband is also on trial at the moment. He was charged with murder after a man burst into our house, intent on causing harm. We are hoping that he will be acquitted next week.” He was acquitted after the trial which should have taken place in the first place.

Two residents of England were recently sentenced to prison for beating a burglar senseless with a cricket bat that broke in two as they defended their home from a thug who broke into their home and put the family living there at risk. The burglar got probation. The sentences were later overturned.

An English farmer was sentenced to prison for defending his home against a burglar.
And, the Yorkshire Ripper has applied for pension benefits that he believes he is entitled to while being in prison.

An Englishman who almost sliced off the ear of a home invader with an ornamental samurai sword has been acquitted of all charges after a trial. He was found not guilty of unlawful wounding. The home invader had threatened to rape his wife and kill his teenage children. He used the sword because it was the only weapon he could find. He told authorities that if the first thing he had found to defend his family had been an umbrella, he would have hit them with that.
Crime has become so bad that in London, a police official has said that the crime rate in his district has been cut by praying. Roger Bartlett, a police Inspector believes that prayers have increased the apprehension rate, helped solve crimes, and as an added benefit, have reduced the number of car accident fatalities.

The prayers are done through organized citizen prayer meetings. They are conducted regularly.

A British celebrity, Myleene Klass, who is a popular broadcaster and model, brandished an "illegal" kitchen knife, and ran off a band of young intruders who entered her property last year . Police have told her that they believed she  acted illegally in showing the knife to defend the home. 

And now, the estate of a slain armed robber is suing for damages stemming from the criminal’s being shot and killed during the commission of a potential high dollar armed robbery.
The girlfriend of an Irish armed robber is asking the Irish Courts to award her damages resulting from his being shot to death by Irish Emergency Response Unit and the National Surveillance Unit members during an armed robbery. She claims that the father of her children didn’t present a significant threat to justify his death during the armed robbery 13 years ago. The lawsuit was filed years ago, but has been delayed due to procedural issues.  

She says that the security guards breached a duty of care she says was owed to the dead robber. She claims that this was because they knew of plans for the robbery and did not stop the robbery when they knew it was going to happen.  

The dead man was one of six people who blocked a road with their van and tried to rob a van carrying nearly $450,000 in cash. The survivors were sentenced to seven to eight years in prison. They were armed with an AK47, a handgun, and a shotgun. One of the armed robbers pointed a weapon at the responders and one of the gang, Ronan McLoughlon, was killed as a result. The case is being further delayed to allow the responders to provide evidence  to the Court showing that they owed no duty of care to the armed robber.

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