Saturday, March 5, 2011

Massachusetts Legislature Considering Putting GPS Locators In Firearms

Last Thursday, 03/03/11, we reported that there is a bill under consideration in the Connecticut legislature that would require confiscation of all magazines with a capacity of over ten rounds that remain in the state 90 days after the bill becomes law, if it does. 

Now, the geniuses in Massachusetts are proposing going Connecticut one better. Its a state commission to study the feasibility of requiring Global Positioning Systems (GPS) locators in firearms. Here is the bill: 

(note: Here's the link to the Connecticut magazine confiscation bill:

"Bill S01224

SECTION 1. A special commission after this referred to as the Global Positioning System Locators in Firearms Study Commission, is hereby established for the purpose of making an investigation and study relative to the feasibility of placing Global Positioning System (“GPS”) locators in firearms. The Global Positioning System Locators in Firearms Study Commission shall consist of 7 members; the House of Representatives Chair on Public Safety and Homeland Security, the Senate Chair on Public Safety and Homeland Security, one member of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, appointed by the Secretary of the Executive Office and Public Safety and Security, one designee from the Gun Owners’ Action League (“GOAL”), one Chief of Police from a city or town, appointed by the Governor, one designee from the City of Boston Mayor’s Office, appointed by the Mayor of Boston, one designee appointed by the Boston City Council. The commission shall report to the general court the results of its investigation and study, together with drafts of legislation necessary to carry such recommendations into effect by filing the same with the clerk of the senate before the bill filing deadline for the 2013-2014 general court session."

You should also know that a new version of the "Microstamping" procedure bill is also under consideration in Massachusetts. 

What will  be the answer by Massachusetts firearms owners if the GPS bill becomes law? They should stop the bil in its tracks before it becomes another   oppressive 

However, Some entrepreneur will probably come up with lead lined gun holsters.

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  1. Obama and the rest of the Oppressives on the Left claim to be in favor of the second amendment, and yet they are incessantly trying to eviscerate that right.

    Think of their actions as a bullhorn telegraphing what they really want while they whisper support for the Bill of Rights.