Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Officer Puts His Firearm In A Jail Lock Box And Shoots Himself And A Border Patrol Agent

An officer is sure to become the "butt" of station house jokes after a holding area video surveillance camera shows him shooting himself in the rear. The bullet also hit a Border Patrol Officer. Here's the video...

Also: See the attempt ATF has made in the last two weeks in trying to make itself look better after the "Gun Walker" scandal. ATF has ordered its Public Information Officers to try to make ATF look good.

Major International Fugitives
Hot Line PosterARELLANO-FELIX Hot Line
No photo available for BarreraBARRERA, Nelson
Photo of Caracas-ViverosCARACAS-VIVEROS, Oscar
Photo of Carrillo-FuentesCARRILLO-FUENTES, Vicente
Photo of IbrahimIBRAHIM, Haji Ehai
Guzman Wanted PosterLOERA, Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman
No photo available for Osorio De SernaOSORIO De Serna, Maria Teresa
Photo of Fritz OtteOTTE, Fritz
No photo available for RamirezRAMIREZ, Ivan Dario

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