Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Victims Fight Back... Victims 25- Armed Robbers 0

HSBC BANKS have posted "No Guns" signs  on the front doors of all their branches. But, they might just as well have posted this sign for the results they get.

This armed robber ignored the "No Guns" sign and policy at the  HSBC Bank located at 2215 43rd in New York last month. However, he accidentally fired his gun into the ceiling, and everyone hit the floor just like in a movie. That was enough to scare him and he fled the bank. 
  Armed Bank Robber

However, other armed robbers, burglars, and other criminals carrying guns were not lucky enough to get away.

A Broward County, Florida man should have gone for a day at Hollywood Beach instead of trying to break into a car. Instead of getting stolen property, alleged burglar, 21 year old Antonio Santana (pictured below), got the attention of its owner. Santana was rifling through the car when the owner, armed with a handgun went outside of the house to where the car was parked to see what was happening. The owner told police that he feared for his life because it appeared to him that Santana was going for a weapon. He then shot Santana twice in the leg. Santana had an open arrest warrant for him for theft. He was in a wheelchair when he made his first court appearance.
The arraigning Judge told him that since he got himself shot, it was just the cost of doing business for committing a crime. 

Antonio Santana

An alleged burglar, Darren Seidell, was in front of a Judge in Penobscot County, Maine today after being shot and wounded by his victim. The resident, a concealed weapons permit holder used his semiautomatic handgun when he shot the other man in the foot

Alleged armed robber Reco Casey and a friend went into the Salon Boutique in Georgia believing that they would walk out with some quick cash. But he got a bullet wound to the leg instead. One of the Salon’s employees drew a handgun and fired at the erstwhile robber. And, as usually happens when one of a gang is shot, his friend ran off when Casey was shot.  

An Everett, Washington burglar met his fate at the hands of his intended home invasion victim. The resident caught the burglar in the act in his home. The burglar was confronted before his death in the house, and an argument took place. The home invader was shot by the homeowner. There has been a rise in burglaries in the neighborhood.

A gang of six people purportedly tried to break into an Okmulgee, Oklahoma salvage yard when they were interrupted by the owner of the business on Saturday. He took action and shot one of the six.  Alleged burglar, 27-year-old Robert Skinner, was shot and airlifted to an area hospital. The other five were captured by law enforcement. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is involved in a full investigation of the burglary.

A Montgomery, Alabama resident bought a gun for home protection after the first burglary at his home several years ago. He shot an alleged teenage burglar during the third burglary try at the home last week. The teenager rang a doorbell at the home and apparently assumed that no one was home. He was wrong. The homeowner had gone to the door and didn’t see anyone outside. However, the resident then saw several people trying to pry open a window. The armed teenager was shot as he tried to enter the residence. A second suspect was captured.

Roger’s Sports Bar in Chesapeake, Virginia was the scene where a patron came to the aid of another patron who was allegedly being robbed by twenty two year old Raymond Davis, who had just entered the bar while wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun. Two masked and armed accomplices allegedly followed Davis into the bar. Davis approached a patron and ordered him to empty his pockets. Then, another customer chased one robber outside of the bar. He got his gun and went back inside where he killed Davis. The third robber was in the bar’s kitchen area when Davis was killed. He started firing his gun and a shootout ensued. Another patron in the bar was hit by gunfire, but is recovering. The two surviving criminals ran away when their friend was killed. A relative of the dead man said that Davis was in the process of “turning his life around.”

The owner of the family’s dog in Jackson, Mississippi was awakened by the dog’s barking in the late night hours. She went to a window and witnessed the breaking and entering of the neighboring house across the street. She saw someone coming out of a window and running toward a waiting getaway car. She then saw the home’s occupant climbing out of the same window, chasing the burglar. The home invasion victim shot the alleged twenty year old burglar several times and he was arrested as he sought treatment at a local hospital.

A Belle Glade, Florida jewelry store clerk at Osvilda jewelers got lucky when an armed robber trio entered his store. One of the criminals drew a gun, and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened other than the sound of a”click” being heard in the showroom. That gave the clerk time enough to draw his own gun and begin shooting at the thieves. The three men ran out of the store into the back of a waiting getaway van.

And, another robber’s gun misfired last month at a Kangaroo store in Orange County, Florida. Two black men went into the store wearing masks and carrying guns. The clerk told the pair that he couldn’t open the safe, and the two robbers went ballistic. The surveillance camera captured the sound of the click of a gun’s firing pin. When the robbers figured out that the gun would not fire, they pistol whipped the hapless clerk. The police are looking for the two men.

One Andalusia, Georgia armed robber was shot some distance away from the crime scene by an armed citizen. Two employees of a local business left the store after closing. They ordered the woman who was not carrying the day’s cash deposit to give them the money and her car keys. She was then forced into her car by an armed thug. The men decided to leave the woman behind instead of kidnapping her and took her car.

They left followed by a Ford SUV driven by an accomplice. Police recognized the employee’s car on the highway and pursued it. The SUV tried unsuccessfully run interference for the two armed men. The men bailed from the car and took off running.
One robber had the misfortune of running into armed citizens several different times after leaving the robbery scene. Police dogs followed the men to a nearby residential area.
The police saw an armed homeowner standing in his driveway, armed with a shotgun and who was apparently aware of the attempted robbery. He had seen one of the suspects. He told the man to stop and tried to make a citizen’s arrest. The robber fled as the resident fired his shotgun. That robber was hit with birdshot. Dogs arrived at the homeowner’s house, but lost the scent.
A deer hunter found the wounded man the next morning, and called police. He was arrested and was jailed on a 1.5 million dollar bond.  

Wisconsin Police arrested Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop Bop Bop after neighborhood residents complained about his alleged excessive drug use and drinking.  He was at an area park when officers arrived. The police report noted, “When officers approached this subject, he immediately put his hands into his pockets, and those officers immediately noticed this, taking the suspect’s past carrying concealed weapon arrests into consideration. This gave  police probable cause to do a “Terry frisk.”  They found a concealed handgun, drugs, and paraphernalia. Jeffrew Drew Wilschke didn’t like his name and wanted something more unique, so he legally changed his name to Beezow Doo Doo Zopittybop Bop Bop Mr. Beezow Doo Doo Zopittybop Bop Bop (pictured below) was also arrested for probation violation there were specific bail conditions that he is not to be in possession of any weapons or drugs.  
 Beezow Doo Doo Zopittybop Bop Bop

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