Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Stupid Criminals and Other Serious Self Defense Successes

Bumcrack Bandit: Australian police released this CCTV image in a bid to identify the armed robber
Serious Genazi was a burglar in Zimbabwe who met his end this month at the hands of a mob who discovered that he had just broken into a home. The homeowners discovered the burglary and chased him down the street as he fled with some soap, a kitchen knife, and a pair of sox, along with a generator. A crowd gathered around him and pelted him with rocks and pieces of wood. He was DOA at the hospital, seriously. 

According to Court papers filed by the South Bend, Indiana Prosecutor, 46 year old Keith Davis allegedly had broken into the home of Ashley Murray and made himself at home. He was sitting in a chair in the home when Police entered the house. 
Officers noticed that he had removed chicken and onions from the refrigerator and was cooking them on the stove. He had also folded the victim’s laundry and vacuumed the floors. His bond is set at $50,000.

Daniel Tesfay is on trial in England after he allegedly accidentally shot his accomplice and friend as they tried to steal what turned out to be fake Rolex watches. The watches’ owner grabbed Tesfay and Tesfay tried to shoot him. But he shot his buddy, Jonathan Barnes instead, killing him. Tesfay ran off with the gun, but without the watches. 

An armed robber in Pakistan shot and killed his accomplice yesterday too. A gang of seven armed thugs entered a business there and began to steal belongings from employees. But, a security guard saw what was happening and grabbed one of the robbers. Another robber shot at the security guard, who was able to get behind cover, and the man he was holding was shot and killed instead.

Other stupid criminals were either shot, killed, or pistol whipped  by their intended victims recently. 

A shopper at an Orlando Walmart was attacked by two men this last week as he reached for shaving razors there. He was pushed to the store’s floor as he shopped. He was being punched by the pair as he pulled his handgun from concealment. The duo was fortunate that their “victim” didn’t shoot. He began to pistol whip them instead. That put a stop to the attack. Instead of cash, one of the thugs ran away sporting a large bleeding gash on his head that he received from a hit by the firearm. The store was temporarily evacuated.

A seventy one year old convenience store owner near the Texas-Mexico border in Weslaco was robbed and wounded this last week by a gunshot from the armed robbers. But, this feisty store owner pulled his own handgun and shot back at his attackers. Shortly after the elderly man was taken to the hospital, another man was admitted there. He was believed to have been shot by the store owner.

And, another elderly gentleman in Cleveland shot a teenage burglar in the chest as he broke into the house the owner was sleeping in. The teen was armed with a gun, but the homeowner was fortunate enough to get off the first shot before his handgun misfired. There had been a rash of neighborhood burglaries.

An Alvarado, Texas man shot and killed a man last Saturday as he tried to break into his house through the back door with repeated force. The resident had called 911 and reported the man who didn’t belong there was walking around the house. He was shot multiple times.

A Lakeland, Colorado owner of the Cambio de Cheque check cashing store was sprayed with pepper spray as two men tried to rob him. But, the intended victim could still function well enough to draw his sidearm and open fire on his attackers. One of the thugs was sent to the hospital with bullet wounds. The other robber ran off. Police are looking for the man who was wearing black and yellow “Air Jordans” and a black and gray hoodie. 

 Big Changes in Irish Self Defense Law Are In Effect:

The joke in Ireland used to be that people had televisions stolen from inside their homes while they watched them. But, the Irish no longer have to stand idly by while their homes are broken into. 

The Criminal Defence and Dwelling Act of 2011 is now active law there. A person there can now use force against another person who they believe has illegally entered a dwelling to commit a criminal act. They can also take steps to protect property in the home.

There is no longer a “Duty to retreat” from the intruder. It doesn’t matter if the person defending the home or property there had an actual justified belief of imminent harm. The belief needed for defense of the "dwelling" by using force just has to be “Honestly Held.” 

This new law is being put to the test after a suspected burglar was hit by a gunshot shortly after the law was put into effect while he attempted to break into a furniture factory adjacent to where the owner and his family lived. Several perpetrators were involved. The law covers dwellings and “curtilages,” an old English legal term meaning the area immediately surrounding or immediately adjacent to the dwelling. These thugs were the first to be arrested and affected by the law. 

Meanwhile, England’s law remains unchanged regarding use of force against burglars in the home. It just isn’t allowed. Some 57,000 English confronted burglars in their homes according to the latest available statistics in 2010. That’s about once in every 5 burglaries. And, 23,000 of them experienced some kind of violence from the same home invaders. Householders there are now physically attacked in their homes by intruders once every 30 minutes on the average.


Philadelphia Police Unmercifully Persecute Gun Owner For Just Obeying The Law

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