Thursday, February 9, 2012

Obama Issues Travel Warnings for Mexico...And, How He Protects Us Here

Just as college Spring Breaks are about to begin, The U.S. State Department issued a new travel warning for Mexico yesterday. It’s a popular destination for underage college kids because in Mexico, if you are big enough to sit on a bar stool, then you are big enough to drink.

The latest State Department warning cautions Americans  about “Transnational Criminal Organizations,” in Mexico. That’s "Obama-Speak" meaning drug cartels that are in a violent civil war for control of drug trafficking to America. That civil war has been creeping across our own southern border under the watch of an oblivious administration.

Sounding a lot like what’s happening in Phoenix and the southern Arizona border area, the State Department warns that U.S Citizens travelling in Mexico have been victims of homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, highway robbery, and carjacking. Here in the United States, Phoenix has become our kidnapping capitol with as many as 370 drug related kidnappings yearly, and drug related gun battles and murders aren't that rare. 

In the last five years, over 47,000 people have been murdered in narcotics related homicides in Mexico, and there were over 12,000 drug related murders just in the last nine months of last year. The State Department says that, “Innocent persons have also been killed.“

Our Government further warns, “While violent incidents have occurred at all hours of the day and night on both modern toll highways and on secondary roads, they have occurred most frequently at night and on isolated roads.  To reduce risk, we strongly urge you to travel between cities throughout Mexico only during daylight hours, to avoid isolated roads, and to use toll roads whenever possible.“ The State Department also says of Mexico, “The location and timing of future armed engagements is unpredictable.” 

But, the location of murderous drug crimes in Arizona  is known by Obama on our border here. We have our own domestic travel warnings. Obama warns us to keep our travel in Arizona north of Interstate 8.

The Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff asked Obama for 3,000 National Guard troops to patrol the border. What he got was 30 National Guardsmen and 15 of the signs pictured below. One of the primary Presidential duties is to secure our borders. Here's how Obama does that. Obama is protecting our border by issuing his own official domestic travel warnings here in the U.S. 

These signs make Southern Arizona just like the treacherous and lawless region of "The Zone" in Cherry 2000 and other wastelands in countless other sci fi "future movies." But, this is the real thing. 

The warning signs say:

  • Active Drug and Human Smuggling Area
  • Visitors May Encounter Armed Criminals and Smuggling
  • Vehicles Travelling at High Rates of Speed  
  • Stay Away From Trash, Clothing,  Backpacks, and Abandoned Vehicles
  • If You See Any Suspicious Activity, Do Not Confront, Move Away and Call 911
  • BLM Encourages Visitors To Use Public Lands North of Interstate 8"


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