Friday, February 10, 2012

Rahm Emanuel Wants $65.00 Registration Fee For Every Illinois Handgun...An Idea For Obama Too?

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Is Rahm Emanuel floating gun control ideas to Obama for use during his “second term?” Does former Presidential advisor and current Chicago machine politics confidante Rahm Emanuel, with his own personal team of bodyguards, really believe that requiring a $65.00 per handgun registration fee every five years for every handgun owned in Illinois will really have any impact on gun crime in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois?  

Grooming himself for a run at the Governor’s office, Emmanuel  claims that such a gun registration scheme will make the streets safer. He even thinks that this registration will cut illegal gun sales. But, he ignores the fact, as all anti gun rights groups do, that the vast majority of violent gun crimes, robberies, and assaults are committed with black market unregistered guns, or stolen guns registered to their former legal owners,  but are possessed and used by street thugs. They cannot provide statistics to the contrary for the tremendous amount of Chicago shootings. Street thugs will always have access to guns whether they are registered by someone else or not at all. Criminals certainly won't register them. They never have and never will. 

With out of control crime, some Politicians even called on Former Mayor Daley during his administration to call in the National Guard to quell crime. That piece of history is all but forgotten.

Consider the following representative 2011 headlines about street thug shootings during five months in Chicago. These shootings weren’t done by legal gun owners who can’t even carry their already registered guns into their garage from the house. Does anyone really thing that a $65.00 registration fee would have prevented any of these crimes and made the streets one bit safer?

The news media reported:

“At least 19 shot during two warm Chicago days” March 18, 2011
“Chicago Violence: At Least 15 Shot Over The Unusually Warm Weekend”
April 4, 2011
“Chicago Memorial Day violence, at least 6 dead and 21 wounded” May 21, 2011.
“Four dead in overnight shooting” Jun, 2011
“ Four Dead, 13 Others Wounded in separate overnight shootings” July 4, 2011

And, from before the MacDonald Chicago Court Chicago ruling:
Chicago Murder Rate Rises Despite Gun Ban” 05/06/2010

Rahm Emanuel is also using the same old and tired argument regarding mandatory licensing by the government; however, there’s a new twist by his comparing this to residents having to obtain titles for boats and vehicles. Firearms don’t come with titles…yet.

Interestingly enough, since the gun ban in Chicago was shot down by the Supreme Court in June of 2010, overall crime has taken a drop in the Windy City. Criminals know the consequences of facing an armed victim. God forbid that a criminal could be shot by a potential victim during the commission of a crime. And, like everyone else, no thug really wants to be shot.

Here are the facts:
                      % Change
Murder                         -14% from mid 2010 to mid 2011
Sex Assault                 -1.1%
Robbery                       -3.8%
Aggravated Assault    -13.2%
Aggravated Battery     -14.1%
Burglary                         0.8%
Theft                               8.2%
All Violent Crime           -8.8%
All Property Crimes      -2.4%
Overall Crime                -3.7%
Chicago Police Department Statistics*

This would be a great way to raise money for Illinois because there are almost one and a half million gun owners in Illinois.

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  1. “Criminals certainly won't register them. They never have and never will.”

    You have to wonder if Leftists too stupid to realize this important fact or that they do realize it and are just too evil.

    Registration means you need Permission from the government to defend yourself – permission that can be withdrawn at any time.
    [But no refund of your 65 smackers]

    It also means the government is also one step away from confiscating your means of self-defense because they already know who has what.
    [No refund or compensation for your property in this case either]

    But it should warm the cockles of your heart that the Criminals and the government will still have their unregistered and therefore, UN-confiscated guns [or yours as the case may be]