Friday, May 18, 2012

Israel Enforcing Law Banning Security Guards From Taking Work Firearms Home

In one of the most dangerous places in the world to live, an anti gun rights/anti self defense organization  has been successful in their campaign to prevent off duty Israeli security guards from taking their firearms home with them after work. There is an existing law that prohibits them from doing that; however, it has not been enforced.

This group and other international gun banning groups believe that the off duty security guards bringing their firearms home with them poses a "particular danger" to women. The group that calls itself “Gun Free Kitchen Tables,” cites the usual anti gun themes, such as 
“the impracticality of safe storage in the home for such guns.”  They also complain that "there is little public discussion on the implications of small arms proliferation, an issue that is not often talked about in Jewish Israeli society" 1 But, when there is a real and proven daily threat to Israeli lives from terrorists, there probably wouldn’t be much gun control discussion going on for Israelis in the real world of self defense there. In reality, bringing their firearms home with them poses more of a "particular danger" to terrorists.

This push came after one security guard shot his wife 8 times with his service firearm he kept at home. She had previously complained to police about his domestic violence about a year before the shooting, yet apparently remained with him. Another woman was killed by her security guard husband. 1

The government has said that they will enforce the security guard guns at home provision. 1 But, not forgetting the brutal murders that have taken place in Israel and the slaughter of a family of five Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists in 2011, a new law has been proposed in the last few days to counter enforcement of the existing law. This new law was immediately proposed after this group complained about the security guards. If passed, it would automatically allow security guards to carry their service firearms home. 2

Contrary to common belief, Israel actually has very strict firearms laws.
Here are the laws gun there according to “Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership” (JFPO) as published in 2002 3

The Israel Dept. of the Interior makes notification to the general public the requirements necessary for the obtaining of a permit to possess a firearm:
1. Applicant must be a permanent resident of Israel for 3 consecutive years prior to making application for a firearms permit.
2. Applicant must be 21 years of age.
3. The permit request must be for personal use, not to engage in the business of firearms sales.
4. Applicant must fall into one of the following categories:
a. Part-time reservist (volunteer) for 3 years- may own 1 handgun
b. Such a reservist (volunteer) is a member of a gun club - may own 1 rifle
c. Professional, licensed public transportation driver, transporting a minimum of 5 passengers - may own 1 handgun
d. Licensed animal control officer- may own 2 hunting rifles, *not* full automatic weapons, or semi-automatic weapons with a limited capacity magazine.
e. Full-time dealer of jewelry or large sums of cash or valuables - may own 1 handgun

West Bank and Gaza Strip Settlers:
1. A resident in a militarily strategic buffer zone, essential to the security of the State of Israel - may own 1 handgun
2. A business owner in these geographic areas - may own 1 handgun

1. Veterans of the Regular Army honorably discharged with the rank of non-commissioned officer, and veterans of the Reserve Army with the rank of regimental commander- may own 1 handgun
2. Retired law enforcement officers with the rank of sergeant - may own 1 handgun
3. Retired prison guards with the rank of squadron commander- may own 1 handgun

Upon presenting documentation that one is about to receive a souvenir, a prize, an inheritance, or an award of appreciation from the Israel military 3


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