Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Is The Obama Campaign Near A Stall?

."A NBC/Marist poll released on May 31st, shows that Obama and Romney are in a dead heat in three swing states. They are Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada. Here we are just about 5 months away from the Presidential election, and Obama can’t seem to keep a lead. Let's trust that his followers keep smoking that Hopeium. 

How can this happen with the record he has? 
Here are a few reasons how it can because he:

Can't run on gun control because he is still working on some things "Under the radar." 
Can't run on Obamacare now because it will likely be ruled unconstitutional. 
Can't run on his opposition to Arizona's enforcement of US immigration laws because the the state's actions will likely be upheld. 
Can't run on economic growth. 
Can't run on foreign policy. No one knows what it is.
Can't run on cutting the deficit in half.
Can't run on posting all bills coming for his signature 5 days before signing. 
Can't run on unemployment not going over 8% with the 800 billion stimulus filled with earmarks that he promised not to allow. 
Can't run on the "Dog on the roof."
The "War on women" attack failed.
Can't run on saying Romney's grandfather being a polygamist anymore because his own grandfather had five wives. 
The Romney "Bully" attack failed when he said he shoved a female student to impress onlookers. 
Can't run on his Nobel Prize.
Can't run on getting Chicago the 2016 Olympics after his personal plea. 
Can't run on closing Gitmo. 
All he can run on is a misrepresentation of what venture capital is and what it actually does.
The SEALS killed Bin Laden, but that is not enough for reelection. 
He has been a failure as the CEO of this country and its shareholders, the American public. 
He cannot articulate why he should be given a second term.

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