Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Carrying a gun does not provide ANY realistic possibility of self defense

Denying that law abiding citizens have a right to carry a sidearm to defend themselves, an anti gun rights organization has published what has to be the most disingenuous post ever to appear on an anti gun website. The group said last week that, “Carrying a gun does not provide ANY realistic possibility of self defense—the element of surprise ALWAYS defeats the gun carrier.” They call that “Gun fact #1.”
The author of the opinion further states that, an armed criminal will not approach you and challenge you to "Draw." They say that the thug will have the "Drop" on you  before you know they are there.  They claim that you will make no moves with a concealed weapon to defend yourself as they rob you of your money and take your gun.   
No, they don't say, “Draw.” It's generally, “Give me your money, your car, your wallet, or if it’s a business, Give me what’s in the till.” There is no question what the assailant will do with his gun. The only question is what you will do with yours. However, that is a very personal decision made based on the facts of the situation at hand.

There are numerous daily situations across the USA where an armed would be “victim” draws his sidearm and scares off, wounds, or kills his or her assailant, thereby protecting himself, or others, or both.

But, this fringe group would deny you your self defense rights if your life is in imminent danger.

If that writer did just some research before spouting off, and even perhaps Googled a term such as “Armed citizen shoots robber,” he would have found such headlines as these among 1,490,000 results with just that one search term on the first page:

“Armed Citizen shoots two hapless robbers
Jewelry vendor shoots robbers
Senior citizen shoots would be robbers at Ocala internet café
Convenience store clerk shoots robber
Armed citizen shoots robber
Waffle house customer shoots and kills armed robber”

Just a few days ago, a concealed handgun instructor in Beaumont, Texas was at a local drugstore when an armed thug stuck a shotgun in his face and demanded his wallet. The quick acting would be victim gave the punk a bullet instead, and dropped him to the floor like the bag of garbage he was, ending his robbery plans.

On August 28, a concealed permit holder customer in Jacksonville, Florida stopped an armed robbery in progress at a Dollar general store. He was alerted by the clerk being robbed at gunpoint by two men. He fired twice, instantly killing the robber who was holding the clerk. The other robber ran out the door.

In crime ridden Flint, Michigan, a recently discharged Marine drew his handgun and shot one of two men in the chest Sunday morning. The two were in the middle of  robbing guests at a party he was attending.
These are just three recent examples of how carrying a gun in public does provide self defense.

It is notable that this organization was begun by someone who lost a son to senseless gun by a man carrying a gun illegally in California.  A  parent outliving a child, especially in this manner is horrific.

However, when an organization such as this one, which will not receive any publicity and remain nameless,  has done in advancing as a fact that  carrying a gun in public “does not provide self defense,” it is time to stand up to that lie. It also brings to question of the gullibility of the intended audience that the writers believe exists in the public in general.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why Is Obama So Afraid Of The Romney/Ryan Ticket?

Many reasons are obvious. But fundraising is a major factor. We have been receiving Obama fundraising email at an ever increasing volume. Here is the latest example of the desperation of the campaign.

"Today, just 72 hours after joining the GOP ticket, Paul Ryan is making a pilgrimage to the Sands' Venetian casino in Las Vegas to kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate who's already donated more than $35 million to Republican groups in this election.

That's the same Sheldon Adelson who gave $15 million to help Newt Gingrich against Mitt Romney in the primary, and said he may give $100 million -- basically, whatever it costs -- to defeat Barack Obama.

We're starting to get a glimpse of how Romney plans to cash in on his vice presidential pick. Before Ryan's even been fully introduced to the American people, he's attending a private fundraiser in Vegas with the top super PAC donor.

We're doing this differently, with ordinary people chipping in whatever they can afford -- but it's going to take a lot more of us to match them. Will you donate $3 or more today?




Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America"

HOWEVER, The Obama campaign's "kissing the rings" of George Soros, George Clooney, and other liberal icons is perfectly acceptable.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Killing Sprees Still Take Place in Locations With Incredibly Stringent Gun Laws

A fugitive serial killer in mainland China has shot and killed nine people and injured five others as they withdrew money from banks in separate incidents over 8 years. Zhou Kehua was killed by police yesterday as they stopped him for questioning.

Murderers still find a way to kill in mass even when guns aren't available.

Recently, a 17 year old Chinese killed 8 people and wounded 9 others with a knife after he had a fight with his girlfriend. There was a rash of knife killings in 2010 in China when 20 people were stabbed to death and 50 others were wounded.

The Mayor of London is concerned about the "Culture of knives" in England and especially in London.

On another front:
It is interesting that the head of a well known anti gun group has posted on his blog that so called "assault rifles" should be banned. That is the usual anti gun demand. But, He also said in an interview on talk radio this weekend that gun bans "Do not work." This was reiterated by him several times during the hour on the radio. Which is it? Is this a classic case of cognitive dissonance? However, he is usually more radical in his blog than when speaking in public.

He also claimed on his blog that a background check will keep guns out of the hands of Neo Nazi groups and their members. He didn't mention specifics how that would be accomplished. Would he object to the same standard being applied to radical Islam present in the U.S? It would be interesting to see his substantiation for his claims.

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