Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Carrying a gun does not provide ANY realistic possibility of self defense

Denying that law abiding citizens have a right to carry a sidearm to defend themselves, an anti gun rights organization has published what has to be the most disingenuous post ever to appear on an anti gun website. The group said last week that, “Carrying a gun does not provide ANY realistic possibility of self defense—the element of surprise ALWAYS defeats the gun carrier.” They call that “Gun fact #1.”
The author of the opinion further states that, an armed criminal will not approach you and challenge you to "Draw." They say that the thug will have the "Drop" on you  before you know they are there.  They claim that you will make no moves with a concealed weapon to defend yourself as they rob you of your money and take your gun.   
No, they don't say, “Draw.” It's generally, “Give me your money, your car, your wallet, or if it’s a business, Give me what’s in the till.” There is no question what the assailant will do with his gun. The only question is what you will do with yours. However, that is a very personal decision made based on the facts of the situation at hand.

There are numerous daily situations across the USA where an armed would be “victim” draws his sidearm and scares off, wounds, or kills his or her assailant, thereby protecting himself, or others, or both.

But, this fringe group would deny you your self defense rights if your life is in imminent danger.

If that writer did just some research before spouting off, and even perhaps Googled a term such as “Armed citizen shoots robber,” he would have found such headlines as these among 1,490,000 results with just that one search term on the first page:

“Armed Citizen shoots two hapless robbers
Jewelry vendor shoots robbers
Senior citizen shoots would be robbers at Ocala internet café
Convenience store clerk shoots robber
Armed citizen shoots robber
Waffle house customer shoots and kills armed robber”

Just a few days ago, a concealed handgun instructor in Beaumont, Texas was at a local drugstore when an armed thug stuck a shotgun in his face and demanded his wallet. The quick acting would be victim gave the punk a bullet instead, and dropped him to the floor like the bag of garbage he was, ending his robbery plans.

On August 28, a concealed permit holder customer in Jacksonville, Florida stopped an armed robbery in progress at a Dollar general store. He was alerted by the clerk being robbed at gunpoint by two men. He fired twice, instantly killing the robber who was holding the clerk. The other robber ran out the door.

In crime ridden Flint, Michigan, a recently discharged Marine drew his handgun and shot one of two men in the chest Sunday morning. The two were in the middle of  robbing guests at a party he was attending.
These are just three recent examples of how carrying a gun in public does provide self defense.

It is notable that this organization was begun by someone who lost a son to senseless gun by a man carrying a gun illegally in California.  A  parent outliving a child, especially in this manner is horrific.

However, when an organization such as this one, which will not receive any publicity and remain nameless,  has done in advancing as a fact that  carrying a gun in public “does not provide self defense,” it is time to stand up to that lie. It also brings to question of the gullibility of the intended audience that the writers believe exists in the public in general.


Overwhelming Majority of Americans Agree Constitutional Right to Own a Gun is as Important as Right to Free Speech


  1. A gun carrier should take responsibility because it's a deadly weapon.

  2. An open Memo to the Gun Grabbing Goons:

    The purpose of Constitution was to CONSTRAIN the Feral government by the people, not the other way around.

    As such, in order for the Second Amendment to work properly, the people’s arms need to be at parity with said government.

    We know that gun free zones don’t work – they only serve to disarm the innocent in the face of evil.

    We know that prohibiting private sale doesn’t work – criminals by definition don’t obey the law so it won’t stop them from being armed – just like banning drugs

    We know that registration doesn’t work – did I mention that criminals don’t obey the law, registration only means the government has a real handy way of denying innocent people a means of self defense, not to mention making people feel like subject and not citizens.

    We know that Confiscation won’t work again because criminals don’t obey the law and they will just find a way to steal a gun from the government, law enforcement or simply make a gun even IF you were able to get every gun in private hands

    We know that criminals don’t buy guns on the open market – so prohibiting private sales won’t work.
    We know that criminals don’t register their guns – so registering them won’t work
    And we know that criminals won’t have their guns confiscated.

    We’ve seen this movie a few times before – after a horrific act of violence the ever so helpful government looks to grab more power by controlling how and when you can buy a gun. All the while solemnly promising it won’t lead to registration.

    Then after those measures don’t work – as it always the case – the ever so helpful government grabs even more power by breaking their solemn promise that the first item won’t lead to registration by requiring everyone to get the governments permission to have a gun – registration. All the while solemnly promising it won’t lead to confiscation

    Then after those measures don’t work – as it always the case – the ever so helpful government grabs even more power by breaking their solemn promise by confiscating everyone (except the criminal’s guns)

    Then after those measures do not work – as it always the case – the ever so helpful government. Does not do anything because there are no more guns to grab…. Then moves on to knives

    But even if by some miracle, you Statist were to magically accomplish those tasks, the criminals could still MANUFACTURE guns and ammunition.

    Anyone with the least bit of intelligence should realize these facts – And I’ll bet you Statist do too.

    Of course this means that you know that criminals will be better off wit the banning of private sales.
    Moreover, this means that you know that criminals will be able work around the registration rules while the innocent are disadvantaged.
    And finally this means that you know that criminals will be able to take full advantage over a disarmed populace and run rampant – as they don in your utopian cites where gun control is the means by which thousand die each year.

    Having wrote that, one can only come to the conclusion that since you know all of these facts – and you would have to be a dunderhead not to know them – the conclusion you have to reach is that you gun grabbers are pure evil.

    I say this with little trepidation – If you know that the innocent will be robbed, raped and killed as a direct results of your gun grabbing, what other conclusion is there to be reached?

    Do you really think that we’re just going to register our weapons?

    We know that is just a precursor to confiscation.

    And do you really think that we’re just going to let you confiscation them?

    Let me clue you in: we would rather drop them in a lake or burying the out in the woods before you’re going to get a hold of them.


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