Monday, January 25, 2010

Criminals Have A Bad Weekend At Four Crime Scenes

A Florida homeowner shot a man who tried to break into his home on 01/22/10. Josh Moore, the Port St. Lucie home’s occupant ran to grab his shotgun. The home invader and Moore fought over the shotgun. The gun fired. An autopsy is scheduled for the home invader. No charges are pending against Mr. Moore.

In Houston, Texas, the occupant of a mobile home fired at his front door when he heard someone trying to kick it in and come inside. A 17 year old who was trying to invade the home was shot by one of the shots fired in his direction. Michael Banner won’t be breaking into any more homes thanks to the mobile home’s owner.

It is believed that three other people ran away, and police are looking for them. Their identities are known to authorities.  

It will cost about $75.00 to repair the mobile home door.

An Illinois crook was killed by a clerk he tried to rob on 01/22/10. The armed robber made the mistake of trying to rob the S & A Liquor store in Crest Hill. The clerk fought with the robber, and the clerk got a shot off that eventually killed the thug.  The robber was caught when he went to a hospital for treatment for the gunshot wound, before he died from it.

And the next day, a Columbus, Ohio homeowner told police that two men that he knew pointed a gun at him and his family. The bad guys asked for prescription painkiller drugs and money.

But the Home Invaders didn’t know that the homeowner’s mother was in another room armed with a gun, and was ready to defend the home’s occupants. She came out of the room and shot. She hit one of the men.  

As is often typical, the wounded man was arrested when he went to the hospital for treatment. The other thug was arrested later.

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