Thursday, January 21, 2010

Burglar Takes Shower, Cuts His Hair, And Fries Chicken Before Being Caught In Home He Ransacked


Jose Nicolas DeGracia

27 year old burglar Jose Degracia got a little too comfortable in the residence he broke into in Easton , Pennsylvania. He made himself at home. The homeowner was shocked when she entered her house to find Jose Degracia, a complete stranger, there. DeGracia had taken a shower, cut his hair, and had fried her chicken when he was surprised by Grace Kraus.

Her house was ransacked , and her personal property was scattered everywhere. Jose was sitting in her T.V. room wearing her grandson’s clothes and boots when Ms. Kraus found him. The homeowner smelled something cooking when she entered the home, but it took a few minutes for her to connect the fresh fried chicken smell and the home invader. It was just too strange.   

Ms. Kraus threatened the nutcase with an umbrella, and held him at “umbrella point” until police arrived. 

Police found empty beer cans throughout her home. The thug will be charged with burglary and trespass. Hopefully the authorities will get creative in adding other charges. Just looking at his mug shot will show he must have dropped out of barber college.

 In Texas, other people didn’t use umbrellas, but took armed action in defending their homes: 
A Lubbock, Texas Home Invader ran out of luck when he tried to kick in a resident’s back door. The thug first knocked at the front door, and the homeowner then heard someone trying to get in through the back door by kicking it open. The resident responded by confronting the home invader in the back yard with a shotgun. The homeowner shot the criminal. There had been several breakings in the neighborhood recently. The homeowner didn’t have any life threatening injuries from the shotgun blast. 

Police believe the home invader may have also been connected with several recent break-ins.
The burglar will be charged; however, the homeowner won’t be.

And also in the Lone Star State:

A San Antonio homeowner took self defense steps when he shot at people who were trying to invade his home. The resident heard a person trying to kick open his back door. That’s when, fearing for his life, he grabbed his revolver and shot five times at a group of three men just outside. An eighteen year old man was wounded by the resident and was arrested at a residence not far away. Police are looking for the other home invaders. The man who shot the teen will not be charged.

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