Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Convenience Store Robber Shot And Killed By Customer

An Orange County Florida robber was beating a convenience store clerk, when a customer took action.

Freddie Carson was in the process of forcing money from the store clerk and beating her with a beer bottle when Chris Riccitelli ran to his car to get a gun. He shot the robber to death. Mr. Riccitelle believed the man had a gun. Carson had a criminal record going back to 1987. It included battery and burglary. 

Riccitelli has not been charged in the shooting. Ricitelli did not have a handgun carry permit, but Florida drivers are permitted to carry handguns in their cars and use them if they see a violent felony in progress.  

In Texas:
An employee of a Dallas, Texas sandwich shop stopped two armed robbers in their tracks when they tried to rob the business. After entering the Oak Cliff business, and demanding money, the employee shot them both.

One of the robbers ran away, but was caught later. The other suspect was unable to leave the restaurant, and was arrested there. Bullet holes from the shootings were found in a next door pizza parlor, but no one was hurt there.

Also in Texas:

A Corpus Christi resident applied the Castle Doctrine, when the 24 year old man and his family were awakened by two men who broke into his house. The thugs had their faces covered and were armed with guns when they broke down the front door.

The male resident took steps to protect his wife and one year old daughter. He exchanged gunfire with the 26 year old intruder, Rudy Recio. Recio’s shots missed his targets. However, Recio was on the losing end of the gunfight. He died at a local hospital. His accomplice ran away. Recio was previously convicted of assault on a family member and possession of marijuana.

The police are calling the shooting a justifiable homicide. The people occupying the home immediately moved out to a safer location after being questioned by police.   


In Albuquerque, New Mexico:

 44 year old Jorge Romero picked the wrong house to break into. He and the homeowner exchanged shots, but it was Romero who was shot in the neck. The homeowner was uninjured. Mr. Romero will be charged after he is discharged from the hospital.

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