Monday, January 11, 2010

Houston Teenage Burglar Killed By His Intended "Victim"

A Houston teenage burglar was killed by his intended “victim” as he left the homeowner’s house with a television.  The teen’s girlfriend was also arrested when she went back to the scene to pick up the burglar boyfriend.  But, the boyfriend got his ride in the coroner’s vehicle instead.  Marcel Jaquan Simpson ran from the home, but didn’t get far having sustained mortal gunshot  wounds. The girlfriend is charged with burglary.
No charges have been filed against the homeowner. The homeowner believes that the teen also burgled the home in December by entering in the same manner through the same door he used on his final crime.  

Meanwhile, In California: An 81 year old Sacramento man used his firearm to scare off men trying to rob him. The men asked to use his phone, and once inside the house, they attempted to rob him. The elderly gentleman was left inside a room alone, so he pulled his gun and started shooting.  The two robbers ran off after the homeowner shot through a door.  

And, In Pennsylvania:

We previously reported that a burglar was shot dead at Sherman’s Dale Beer and Beverages on January 2nd  in New Bloomfield, Pa. After reviewing the store’s security camera recording, no charges will be filed the owner who killed the burglar. The District Attorney said that the shooting was justified. The recording showed that the owner backed away from burglar, Jeffrey Harless, who was charging at him holding a hammer over his head. Harless’ accomplice won’t be charged with homicide because Pennsylvania law says that an accomplice can’t be held responsible for the death of an accomplice’s death caused by a third party. She has been charged with burglary.

And finally:

Four Delaware men failed miserably in their robber attempt of a liquor store. A clerk was told to hand over the money and threatened by one gunman while another man jumped over the counter. The man who jumped over the counter was also armed. He told the clerk to back up. He then tried to open the cash register while he held a gun on the clerk.
The man trying to open the till was distracted and the clerk took that opportunity to draw his own handgun and began shooting at the men. Robber Kendall Miller was killed by the shots. The second robber and the getaway driver were both arrested. The two survivors were charged with conspiracy, third degree robbery, and possession of a deadly weapon.


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