Monday, January 4, 2010

Illinois Man Goes To Wrong House To Get 11 Year Old Son...Attacks Occupants, And Is Shot In Self Defense

In one of the strangest self defense stories in a long while, an Illinois man went to a home to pick his child up from a party. Unfortunately for all, the man picked the wrong house a block away from the party's actual location. He was told by the homeowner that the 11 year old was not there.

The father did not believe the man, so he and his 15 year old son pushed their way inside. The man began assaulting the homeowner's wife. In response, the homeowner fired multiple shots from a small caliber gun at the culprit. The shots struck both the man and his 15 year old son.

The husband and wife were treated for injuries at a local hospital. The man and the 15 year old whom police suspect broke into the home have not been charged as of yet. The home invader father had life threatening injuries.

Charges will probably not be filed against the homeowner because he was a "registered" Illinois gun owner

Meanwhile, in Grand Rapids, MI:  

An armed robber in Grand Rapids, MI could run, but he couldn't hide after trying to rob a convenience store. The thug came into the business and pulled his gun, demanding cash.

After being robbed in March, 2009, he store owner had promised himself that he would never let that happen again. The store owner himself was shot in the leg in that robbery, but managed to chase that robber. Although he couldn't catch him, police arrested the robber later. The earlier robber, Amaud Jamal Rice, is serving 11 to 40 years in prison for that earlier crime.

As the thief ran from the store with $500.00, the store owner got his own Smith and Wesson .40 caliber handgun and shot the crook in the right leg.

As so often happens, the robber dropped his gun. But, he dropped more than that. Investigating officers found the gun, his knit mask, and the store's $500.00 in the store's parking lot. He and his car were located later. 20 year old Javier Francisco Flores is in a local hospital. He was taken into custody after the hospital called police about someone being admitted with a gunshot wound.
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