Friday, January 29, 2010

Man Who Killed Burglar With Samurai Sword Will Not Be Charged

A Johns Hopkins Student who killed an unarmed burglar with a Samurai Sword has been vindicated.
The Baltimore State's attorney has determined that John Pontolillo was justified in defending himself by hitting a burglar with a samurai sword. The student was reasonable in his belief that he was in danger of death or serious bodily injury from home invader John Rice.

Rice was a career criminal who had been arrested more than twenty four times previously for burglary, auto theft, and B & E. He was only out of jail two days when he was cut down to size.  
The student's sword whack cut a gaping gash in Rice's chest, and nearly cut off his left hand. He was dead at the crime scene.

There had been a burglary at the home where Pontolillo lived with three other students. Police came to investigate, took a report, and left. Pontolillo went outside to check his car, and found Rice hiding under the back porch of the home. He grabbed his sword , raised it, and yelled for Rice to not move. Rice came at him with arms raised.  Pontolillo couldn't tell if Rice was armed, and struck him with the sword.

Many students supported Pontolillo's actions, and sold t-shirts saying "I'm A Samurai Too."

In Fort Wayne:

It wasn't a good day for home 23 year old Home invader Trenton Tavon Jones, who was armed with a gun and was wearing a ski mask when he was shot to death by a homeowner. The homeowner fired near his front door as Jones tried to break in. Indiana is a Castle Doctrine state, and homeowners can't be charged when protecting their home with deadly force when someone is breaking into their home.

It is believed that several accomplices escaped in their dark colored getaway car.  

Hamilton County Registered Sex Offenders With Outstanding Warrants

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