Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pistol Whipped Robbery Victim Gets Broken Nose- Robber Gets Ride In Coroner's Van

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An armed robber in Ohio got more than he wanted when he robbed a car dealership there. He entered the business and asked to use the restroom. Instead, he decided to use his gun. He demanded money, and an employee complied. 

The robber wasn't satisfied with the take. He began to pistol whip the person who complied with his demands. Another employee saw what was happening and got a gun. He killed the robber.

The beaten employee got a broken nose. The robber got a ride in the coroner's van.

Meanwhile, in Idaho:

A Coeur D'Alene coffee shop owner foiled a robbery with a new 9mm just given to her by her husband. The 17 year old robber told her that he was robbing her because he needed the money. So did she. The owner wouldn't comply. 

The thug was distracted by a customer who pulled up to the business. The kid put his gun on the counter and covered it with his hand. This gave the proprietor time to draw her own gun. She got the drop on him and ordered him to get out of the store. 

He was lucky enough to walk away and was captured by police several blocks away. 


  1. The second one should have also had a ride in the coroners van. The criminals still have odds on their side when it comes to having an unarmed victim, I can only hope that the odds will change.

  2. Some economies breed desperation.