Friday, January 8, 2010

Teenage Burglar Shoots Himself As He Tries To Escape Crime Scene

A teenage burglar in Ashville, N.C. didn’t have a clean getaway when he burglarized a home there on January 7th.   The homeowner, who was the intended “victim” went into his house and found two teens he didn’t know inside his home. One of the young punks pointed a gun at him.

Changing their minds, the duo tried to climb out a window to escape. One of the teenagers shot himself as he tried to wiggle out of the window. He got as far as the driveway’s end before he collapsed.

Investigators said one of the teens, a 16-year-old who was not identified, shot himself in the neck as he climbed out of a window. He made it to the end of the driveway before collapsing.

Police are looking for the second teen.

And, if you don’t have a firearm, use what’s at hand.
In Kelso, Washington, a burglar was shot last month by the homeowner who used a bow and arrow. The man was in the act of burglarizing the homeowner’s house. The homeowner followed the culprit, and shot him with the arrow as he burglarized the house that had been temporarily vacated because of a fire.  

Gaylen Crane was arrested when he went to a hospital for treatment for the arrow wound.

And, a Macon, Georgia man had to use his shotgun to defend himself against three stray pit bulls that threatened him. He went outside to feed his livestock when an aggressive pit bull came at him. He retrieved the shotgun from the house and shot at the dog, missing it.
But a second pit bull tried to attack him, and he shot it and a third pit bull in a cattle pen.
No charges were filed against the man.

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