Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Inept Robbers Lose Guns To Victims In Different Crimes...One Robber Dies

Two armed men broke into a Shreveport, La. home and threatened to kill a woman and a teenager who were inside the home.  The  two men began to tear the house up looking for loot. They also fired shots in the house to scare the victims into obedience.

The homeowner, Willie Baker, who was away from the house when the robbery began, returned home during the melee, and a confrontation began between him and the home invaders. Baker was able to get the gun from one of the home invaders, and shot him in the leg. The other home invader was shot in the head. Both were taken to a Shreveport hospital, where the man who was shot in the head by Baker was pronounced dead.
No charges are expected against Baker.

And, another thug lost his gun in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. A woman apartment dweller had two male visitors from New York. They had finished a late night of nightclubbing, where they met two women. They all returned to the apartment early in the morning.

The women they met at the nightclub left the apartment about 7 a.m. Just after their leaving, the home invaders knocked on the door, and one of the New Yorkers opened it. Two masked men rushed in and demanded jewelry and money from the apartment’s occupants. One of the robbers had a handgun.

One of the New Yorkers seized an opportunity, and he scuffled with the armed robber, forcing him back out into the hallway that the robbers entered from, and got control of the robber’s gun. The gun went off. That was enough for the robbers. One drove off in the getaway car, and the other home invader ran from the apartment complex. One of the robbers had an African accent.

Police are looking for the armed robbers. The Police would also like to speak to the two women who may be connected with the robbery attempt.

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