Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New York May Ban Carrying Firearms While Intoxicated

There is a move to make New York the 21st state to ban intoxicated persons from carrying a firearm. Many in and out of New York believe that if a person is too drunk to drive a car, then they are too drunk to carry a firearm. If the law is passed, then violators will face a one year Class A Misdemeanor and a $10,000 fine.

Here's how some states handle the issue. Michigan bans Concealed Pistol License Holders from entering businesses such as bars or taverns that make most of their money from on premises alcohol sales while the CPL holder is armed.  There is also a law in place that prohibits CPL holders from having any determinable blood alcohol content in their body while carrying concealed.

Hunting with firearms while intoxicated is absolutely prohibited in Michigan. But, there’s no restriction from having cases of beer at deer camp in the woods after hunting, a great Michigan tradition.

There is a big difference in consuming alcohol and over consuming it. Other states, like Indiana, don’t prohibit firearms in bars, and they have prevented crimes in them.

Some may disagree, but the prohibition against carrying a loaded firearm while intoxicated is not a first step down a slippery gun control slope. We have all seen people so drunk that they would have been dangerous if they handled a loaded firearm in that condition. This kind of prohibition against a drunk person carrying a loaded firearm is not a standard gun control issue. 

It is a firearms safety issue, just as not cleaning a loaded firearm is, or looking down the barrel of a revolver to see if it is loaded. These two issues aren't illegal, but no one would suggest doing them. 

A California man will spend the next 60 years in prison after accepting a plea bargain. He was charged  with a series of armed robberies and a sexual assault on a gas station employee. He tied her up in the back room of the gas station she worked at and then he pretended to be the clerk and waited on customers.

Sione Motuapuaka faced charges of commercial burglary, false imprisonment, armed robbery, assault with a firearm, kidnapping, and supplemental weapons  charge enhancements.  The prosecutor dismissed the sexual assault charges as part of the plea.

He had robbed four other local small businesses. He blamed his plight on Meth addiction.

Sione Motuapuaka

A Modesto, California burglar was shot at by the woman who lived in the home he was invading. The woman was way when the burglar broke in, but came inside the home as the burglary was in progress. She armed herself, and shot at the home invader. That was enough to send he burglar running. It is not known if he was hit by the woman’s shot.

The burglar was described as a white male with long blond hair, in his 20s, wearing a blue hoodie, and blue jeans. He also had a duffle bag.

WANTED- Bell County, Texas

Call 1-254-770-6864 (Local) or 1-800-265-2007

Lane, Dominique Jarrod Wesley

DOB:  03/11/1991    5'10"      
150  lbs    B/M       
BRO Eyes   BLK Hair
Cause # 63238 - Aggravated Assault
with Deadly Weapon

Soja, Frank Joseph
DOB:  02/05/1978     5'5
135  lbs    W/M 
BLU Eyes   SDY Hair
Cause # 59654 - Burglary of a Habitation

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