Tuesday, February 16, 2010

University Researchers Discover That The Majority Of English Burglars Wear Reebok Classic Trainers

There seems to be a crime fighting study for everything. Now, Graduate student researchers at the University of Leicester in Great Britain have studied the footprints found at 100 burglaries in neighboring Northamptonshire.
52 of 100 burglars made footprints created by Reebok Classic Brand Sports Trainers.

The researchers found that unemployed burglars spent $104.00 on their Reeboks. Employed burglars spent $75.00 on theirs. They determined that burglars from poorer areas spent more on their Reeboks. It is unknown how they came up with those figures. Researchers don’t actually know how many of the shoes had been stolen.   

Researchers are hoping to interview Reebok wearing burglars in the future to ask them why the Reebok brand is so popular with them. It could be because the shoes are so quiet.

Police hope to use the research information to narrow down their lists of suspects.

Also, English burglary numbers are falling as more criminals turn to muggings, and are going after cash and jewelry from their victims in person instead. Burglaries dropped 42% in 2009, while muggings went up 17%. Also, commonly stolen electronics, standard DVD players, don’t top the list of burglarized goods because burglars say that they just aren’t worth stealing anymore.

In Washington State:

A Bridgeport man who was house sitting a friend’s home shot at a home invader after he found a door open and two burglars inside. The man saw someone dressed in black and wearing a ski mask inside the home, and went to his truck to get his 9mm. He shot twice, but missed.

Deputies got there in minutes, when seconds count, and found a 20 year old burglar hiding in the bathroom. He had injured himself when he pulled accidentally pulled a saw down from a shelf, and it cut him on the head. The other thug ran away.

Sheriff’s Department personnel used night vision and dogs when they searched the area, but found no one else.

No charges will be filed against the man who shot at the burglars.

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