Friday, February 5, 2010

Fourth Grader's Toy LEGO Gun And Policeman Leads To Suspension Threat

A fourth grade New York City boy was playing with LEGOS in the elementary school cafeteria this week when he was escorted to the principal's office. He faced suspension for bringing a toy to school. It was a LEGO policeman that held a two inch plastic rifle.

The school has a "no tolerance" policy for toy guns. The boy was stunned that he was in trouble because the toy was so small. The boy's parents are livid. They believe school officials didn't exercise good judgment. They believe that this particular toy isn't one that could be used to threaten people in crimes, as some realistic toy guns are used.

The toy was confiscated. New York City school policy allows no toy guns in schools. Each school principal has discretion, and this principal was a hard liner. Finally, common sense controlled, and after a conference with the parents, no further action was taken.   The parents may sue the school.

In Nevada:

 A car burglar didn't know what was in store for him when he broke out the rear slider and went into the truck of Reno resident Steven Daughhetee. The truck's owner heard suspicious noises outside his motorcycle repair shop on Wednesday afternoon. He picked up his Glock, and went outside to investigate. That's when he found Jackson A. Webb in the driver's seat, rifling through the truck's center console. Daughhetee pulled him out and handcuffed him  until police came.

Daughhetee has a concealed pistol permit. He had gone to the shop from his part time job as a casino/bar bouncer. The casino's policy requires that he carry handcuffs to hold disruptive customers at that business until police arrive.

Webb confessed to other burglaries. He pointed out vehicles that he previously broke in to. He will be charged with possession of a hypodermic needle and seven charges of car burglary.

Daughhetee told police that the Glock made a difference in the outcome of the confrontation.

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Wanted As Of: San Angelo`s Most Wanted 1/23/10
Parole Violation - Sex Offenders Duty to Register
Name:MARTINEZ, Jacob Michael
Height:5ft 7inWeight:140 lbs

Last known address was in the 100 block of E. 6th.  He has also been known to frequent an address in the 600 block of Parsons.
Has tattoos on left elbow and on both hands.

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Wanted As Of: *****ARRESTED 1/22/10********
Aggrivated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Name:JAQUEZ, Jeffery Ronnie
Height:5ft 8inWeight:205 lbs

Last known address: 800 block of Powell St, San Angelo.
Has tattoos - on stomach `Jaquez`; center of forehead `325 West Texas`; has other on both arms and neck.
Last known vehicle: tan 2001 Buick LaSabre.
Picture from 10/2009


  1. A zero tolerance on toy guns at school is good. But I believe that the school's reaction regarding the very small Lego toy was over the top. In effect, it caused a trauma on the student.

  2. Thats just mean!The principal has NO rite To take the Lego gun!!!!!!!!!