Friday, February 26, 2010

Florida Teenagers Burglarizing Cars Accidentally Call 911

Prevent your car from getting stolen or broken intoTwo teenage car burglars accidentally called 911 on their cell phone as they were breaking into cars in Daytona Beach, Florida. They were discussing what was worth stealing and what should be left behind. 911 tapes show that 19 year old Stephanie Vargas and a 13 year old were busy stealing from cars and didn’t know that the police were listening as they were at work. Dispatchers heard almost every word said after the 911 call as they stole from cars.

The 911 tapes recorded the following call.

The Daytona dispatcher answered a call and said, "Hello? Hello? What is your emergency?"
The dispatcher then said to a fellow employee, "Somebody's talking about karma."

One of the teens said, "Let me see.”

Then dispatchers heard, "When I beep the horn it means the cops are on their way, you hear me? You promise you hear me?" "

"Look in here, in the glove compartment. They have, like, GPSs or something."
"Oh, I didn't even think about that." "That's where the GPSs are at.,"

"You got to break the SIM card. Take that SIM card out. They can trace it."
"If  there's nothing there, leave it.

"Trust me, God always works in mysterious ways. If you be greedy, that's when you get caught up, alright?"

God does indeed work in mysterious ways. The pair were tracked by their cell phone and were caught in the act with stolen property. They will be charged with burglary from a car.

In North Carolina:

The legal troubles for North Carolina State Senator R.C. Soles, 74, have ended. Soles is  the longest-serving lawmaker in the General Assembly. He shot an alleged intruder as he tried to break into his home last year. He shot 22-year-old Thomas Kyle Blackburn in the leg as Blackburn and another man when Soles claimed they tried to break down his door. They apparently were both legal clients of the Senator.

Soles claimed the shooting was in self defense, but he was charged with a firearms assault charge. Police had been called over 40 times to his home and office regarding burglar alarms and young people causing disturbances there.

Soles pled guilty to a misdemeanor, and a felony charge was dismissed. He paid a $1,000.00 fine. He will continue to practice law, but will not run for reelection.

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Iowa City's Most Wanted
The Iowa City Police Department is looking for the following 
individuals and is asking for help from the public. If you have 
seen any of these people, do not approach them yourself. 
Call the Police Department immediately at 319-356-5276. 
Give the dispatcher the location you saw the person and 
any other information that may help locate them 
(clothing description, vehicle description or license number). 
You may remain anonymous when you call. You may also 

Do not attempt to apprehend or detain any 
of these individuals by yourself.

Photograph of  Nestor Emilio Massa

Nestor Emilio Massa

Crime:Identity Theft
Theft 2nd Degree
Alias:Brian Lee Kopf
Date of Birth:11/29/1969
Height:5' 08"
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Brown
Descriptors:Date of Warrant: 11/30/2005
May be driving a Silver 1999 Audi 4door.
Post Date:4/10/2007 9:39:59 PM

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